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Who Am I?

I am a mentor.

I am a change creator.

I am a catalyst.

I am a maverick.

I am here to change the world.

I am a creator.

I am successful.

I am flow.

I am my own person.

I am a leader.

I am a starter.

I am a guider.

I am here to kick your ass.

I am here to hold you to your highest self.

I am a whole life changer.

I am an investment.

I am worth it.

I am the moment everything changed.

I am by your side.

I am belief.

I am an INFP.

I am Aspie.

I am an empath.

I can knock up a cake while making dinner without missing a beat.


What Do I Love?

  • I love my allotment
  • I love cherry tree blossom in the springtime
  • I love really good chocolate cake
  • I love raspberry leaf tea and how it nurtures my femaleness
  • I love walking dates to the corner shop holding hands with my man
  • I love deep grounding breaths in ancient woods
  • I love a work from day day in a pillow nest
  • I love challenging myself
  • I love the joy of a golden yellow daffodils
  • I love a home cooked meal
  • I love the satisfaction of digging out a nettle root that refused to go away
  • I love the wooden bookshelves of my local library and how they reach to the sky of the ceiling


This is who I am and how we fit together to enable you to create the change you want to see in your business.


I’m the adult who still has her inner child.

I’m my inner child who is learning at adulting like we all are.

(Does anyone ever become a proper grown up?)



I’m the 5 year old girl who had a savings account of her very own.

I’m the 7 year old girl who was super excited when I was old enough to withdraw money from my savings account on my very own.

I’m the 9 year old who had her first business selling baby gerbils to the local pet shop (George and Jemina did what gerbils do and produced new gerbils. I drew the line at housing more than 20).

I started The Money Haven in 2012 (changing from One Man Band Accounting in 2017).

I’ve been on BBC Radio and in Global Finance, the Daily Mail, Gigaom, the Guardian, City AM and Craft Business.

I’ve supported hundreds of women entrepreneurs to feel clear about their business finances – and women wanting to have, or explore having, her own business.


It’s about flow so your business can grow.


Whether that be your Purpose, freedom to do what you love, or that emotional space where you feel You.

Or even ‘I love my job but it’s not everything and I want to explore having a business that is right for me and I have no idea how to go about that or even start and what about the money and the structure and how does it all work and how do I pay myself and I’m not sure if I can do it and I am so overwhelmed and confused and I am so ready and I want to do this and invest in myself and I need a bridge to help me get to where I want to go. Can you help?’


I believe in you, and so do you, as you’ve been led to this page and you’re here, reading these words.

I invite you to grow with me, to be and do and learn and have the clear feeling and confidence you’re craving.

Especially if you love deep dark chocolate cake and cherry blossom and tall wooden library shelves and going on dates to the corner shop with your loved one.

If what I’ve shared about me resonates with you (yippee!), and you’re ready to explore whether working with me is the right fit for you, I invite you to book a call here or contact me to explore how we can work together to create the change you’re craving.

Now let’s eat cake together as we stroll through an ancient wood and its blissful green calm or meander down to my allotment for a golden tomato bursting with juice.

Welcome home to the haven.

Rosie x




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