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3 Ways To Do Your Accounts In The Sunshine


Today I would like to share these 3 things that you can do for your tax and your accounts in your local wood or your local space.

This behind me, this is my local wood and this is the most gorgeous day in spring. It is the Easter holidays and the wood is filled with children hopping about. I managed to find a quiet space which is what you need to do as well.

You need a non-windy day for this ideally.

1. Receipts

Three things that you can do: first of all, if you really don’t like doing your receipts you can take this out.

Probably not the whole year’s worth but just a week or the month, take them out here and take if you haven’t done it already, back them up, take your photographs, whatever you need to do, get all that done out in this absolutely gorgeous area.

It doesn’t take very long and goodness you’ll feel better afterwards.

Receipts and expenses resources:

2. Procrastination blitz

Second thing to do if you’re a person who knows you procrastinate, take yourself off in this gorgeous wood, gorgeous countryside, park bench.

Just have a walk, sit down, whatever feels best, really think about what are you actually going to do to get what you need to do done.

So, pull the angst aside, what are you actually going to do and commit to that while you are out here.

After all, isn’t this why you’re self-employed, to be able to come out in the sunshine without a boss in the way?

Procrastination resources:


3. Planning

And the third thing to do is little spot of financial planning.

Think about:

  • Your profits for this year
  • Your marketing goals
  • What are you actually wanting to achieve?
  • Do you want to make the most of the tax deductible expenses?
  • Do you know what your expenses are that aren’t tax deductible and whether you’re getting the best value?

Just have a think, you don’t need the paperwork, you can do the details later, just have a bit of space, have a think.

Planning resources:

And enjoy the sunshine.

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