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What's your big summer project?


Every August I have a Big Summer Project for my business.

While a lot of people are enjoying the sunshine, I take the opportunity to come off Twitter and social media for a month and spend the time on a project that is more difficult to do during other times of year.

It’s always something needing sustained attention and concentration, that – let’s admit it – can be tricky when you drop in on social media at least once a day.

Last year, I created this website. In 2013 I created a new marketing plan. [In 2014, my father in law died so that was a busy time. This year, 2015, I’m decluttering my financial papers and getting ship shape for the next 3 years growth].

With brownies of course. I have a few new recipes that need perfecting.

What’s your Big Summer Project going to be? Tell me in the comments.


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