How Do I Choose A Business Bank Account?

This blog post is up to date at the time of writing. Things are changing fast in banking so please make your own checks.    Business bank accounts are a subject I am asked about a lot. Which is the best one? A client was shopping for her first business bank account and asked for […]

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It's all about having more fun with your money admin

3 Ways To Have Fun With Your Money Admin

3 Ways To Have Fun With Your Money Admin   Money admin tasks are possibly the most put-off, procrastinated, resisted and do-another-day tasks in a business. There are logical reasons like needing more understanding and not knowing where to start or what to do (I can help). There are emotional reasons like fear of getting […]

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Learn how to save for retirement

How To Save For Retirement

Saving for retirement. Pensions. Getting older. It’s a subject that can include a lot of boring talk in words meant to feel confusing. And what’s with all the acronyms? We might as well open a tin of alphabet spaghetti. Add in fear of our own mortality and it’s not surprising it’s most often avoided or […]

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C Is For Cashflow

  C Is For Cashflow Do You Know Yours?   Cashflow starts with C and so do cookies, cake and clients (monster not required) 😉 Do you know your cashflow? It’s one of the most important factors in your business and good businesses can go under without it. Getting the basics of good cash flow […]

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Do you check your recurring expenses

Do You Check Your Recurring Expenses?

  Do You Check Your Recurring Expenses?   Do you check your business’s recurring expenses or do you wonder where your money went when you get to do your tax return? It’s one of the reasons folks put off their tax return. I know your tax return isn’t the most exciting thing you could be […]

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Do you have a Paypal account for your business?

Do You Have A Paypal Account For Your Business?

  Do You Have A Business Paypal Account?   Do you have a business Paypal account or do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and put off doing your tax return because your Paypal is all mixed up? I understand how it is. You already have a Paypal account so you add your business transactions through it. […]

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Is it the end of the tax return?

Is It The End Of The Tax Return?

Is It The End Of The Tax Return?     HMRC are talking about the end of the tax return. That’s the self assessment tax return, rather than the corporation tax return that limited companies need to do every year. The self assessment is the tax return that’s due on 31 January and every sole […]

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Do You Have An Expenses Spreadsheet You Love?

Do You Have An Expenses Spreadsheet You Love?   It’s such a small thing, tracking your expenses. And yet your expenses spreadsheet or accounting software is a core part of the money side of your business. Firstly, you must do it, it’s a legal requirement. Secondly, you can’t know how much money you’ve made or what […]

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Do You Believe You Can Love Your Business Money?

Do You Love Your Business Money?   Come on, be honest, it’s just us. Do you really truly hand on heart LOVE your business money? Not just the delicious income, but your expenses, your cash flow, your record keeping, how often and how much you pay yourself, how you receive money, sending invoices, bank transactions, […]

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Are You Staying Small Because Of What Your Mother Might Say?

Are you staying small because of what your mother might say? SPEAKING UP SERIES In this series I share honestly about something that’s affected me or I want to speak up about. A lot of us fear being punished if we speak up and it’s time for this to change and to regain our voices. […]

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