Page 1 On Google For 'Tax Return Support': What Organic SEO Can Do For Your Business

Today I had a lovely surprise: One Man Band Accounting is on page 1 on Google for ‘tax return support’. I was astonished as I only do organic SEO. I asked Martin Oxby of Summit Web Solutions to check for me. If you aren’t familiar with browsers, they personalise search results so my results might not […]

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Why It's OK Not To Panic When Your Tax Return Is Due

Doing your tax return right before deadline? It needs to be done quickly, and staying calm will help you get the wretched thing done faster. It may feel difficult to be relaxed but it helps get the job done. Get the music on, promise yourself a reward, put on the kettle or open a bottle […]

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Cake And Tax: How To Do Your Tax Return In 7 Easy Steps

Cake and tax? Is there a better combination? (Ok, apart from the tax) As part of the Women In Business telesummit by Dina Behrman Communications, I’m speaking on Cake And Tax: How To Do Your Tax Return In 7 Easy Steps. Cake And Tax: How To Do Your Tax Return In 7 Easy Steps Need […]

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Given up on Resolutions? How about trying accounting for a change?

This week’s post is by Mark Leruste, a former overweight corporate burnout turned men’s health activist, ICF professional certified coach, award winning social entrepreneur, plant-based sponsored athlete and author of “It’s Not You, It’s Me – Break up with your job and live the life you love”. If you want to know how Mark who […]

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Can I Do My Own Tax Return?

Yes! (usually) You’re a one man band, you freelance, you’re a micro business owner. Can you do your own self assessment tax return? Let’s break it down into limited company directors and sole traders (click here if you aren’t sure which you are).   Doing Your Tax Return As A Director Easy to do your […]

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My December Essentials. Part 3: Christmas

Merry Christmas! My December Essentials Part 1: Cheese and Part 2: Cake. What did you have for your Christmas?

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My December Essentials. Part 2: Cake

Cake. The joy of life. It’s a beautiful thing. Over on the right there is a chocolate Christmas cake waiting to happen. Chocolate (Green and Black’s Maya Gold), butter, raisins, sultanas, mixed peel, it’s lusciousness. I’ve made this cake for my father-‘in-law’ for the past 2 years as his birthday is in mid December and […]

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My December Essentials. Part 1: Cheese

It’s 3pm and time for the Great Cheese Hunt. It’s an annual event in mid December which is looked forward to with much excitement. I finish what I’m working on, I enjoy the last of my cup of tea, I don hat, scarf, gloves, boots, coat, and I’m off. Down a tree-lined road, across a […]

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The Tax Return Toolkit is here!

Only available until 10pm 31 December 2014 because of the new EU VAT rules (read more) Are you a sole trader or director doing your own tax return? Do you have an accountant and want help doing the paperwork they need? Do you want a large serving of anti-procrastination juice and a piece of cake […]

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