How To Record Foreign Currency Payments in Paypal

Foreign currencies. American dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Euro, Yen, Krona, Rand, Rupee, Baht, Peso…. (even sterling, if you didn’t know that it’s UK £, one of the world’s main trading currencies). What are foreign currency payments? How do you record foreign currency payments in Paypal? What about currency conversion & fees? How do you record […]

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Cost-Savings: Tips to Achieve Energy Efficiency Explored

Rosie: This is a contributed post. If you’re looking for information about working from home expenses, you need my Essential Guide To Homeworking Expenses instead. I don’t necessarily endorse any contributed post 🙂   Cost-Savings: Tips to Achieve Energy Efficiency Explored At the helm of a roaring business, you might as well be stuck between the […]

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The New Dividend Tax For Limited Companies

Do you have a limited company? There is a new dividend tax which changes how much tax you pay as a shareholder/director when you are paid by dividends. It’s one of the biggest tax changes for business owners in years. What are dividends? What is the new dividend tax? How might the new dividend tax affect […]

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How To Get Good Sound And What’s Tax Deductible

I joined Periscope recently and one of my first actions was to make sure I got good sound for Periscope broadcasts. I’m scoping every Wednesday at 10am UK time (follow me) and you’ll know how frustrating it is as a viewer to be watching amazing value content you can’t hear properly! If you’re on Periscope, […]

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Talking Numbers, Accounts & Cake On The Roots For Creativity Podcast

I love Pascale Recher’s creativity in business podcast so when she asked me to be part of it, I had to say yes! Pascale does WordPress set-up, brainstorming and accountability sessions and she’s a make up artist for film and tv, so we’ve had a few chats about the need for make up to create […]

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How My Desk Supports Me To Achieve My Goals

We all have a desk when we’re working on our business. Whether it be your lap, the kitchen table, a corner of your bedroom (that’s me) or a separate room, it’s your working space. I’m sharing what my desk looks like and how what I have on it supports me to achieve my goals.   […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

Many businesses accept payment in more than one currency and you may be one of them. With cryptocurrency becoming more of a thing, this is a contributed post about the pro’s and con’s (mostly con’s let’s be honest) of accepting cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Exchange rate anyone? If you’re in tech or sell to tech folks as […]

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3 Ways To Do Your Accounts In The Sunshine

  Today I would like to share these 3 things that you can do for your tax and your accounts in your local wood or your local space. This behind me, this is my local wood and this is the most gorgeous day in spring. It is the Easter holidays and the wood is filled with […]

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Does Taking Your Business To The Next Level Mean A Limited Company?

You started your business – so exciting – you’ve done the graft, the emotional roller coaster, the have-I-done-the-right-thing worries, the achievement of your first client and your second, third and tenth. You’re more established now, you don’t feel quite a newbie any more. You know what you’re doing and you know where you’re going. You’ve […]

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Can You Hire Friends In Your Business & Not Fall Out?

There’s so much advice about hiring friends in your business. OMG don’t do it, it’s a disaster! OMG, you’ll LOVE it, best thing I ever did! To be clear I’m talking about hiring your friend in a freelance self employed capacity here. Although a lot of the same principles apply to employed, when your friend […]

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