How Can I Do My Own Tax Return?

  You’re a one man band, you freelance, you’re a heart-centred business, a female entrepreneur, a blogger. Can you do your own self assessment tax return? YES! (Usually) This is a long post, and a goody, so sit down, make yourself a cuppa or pour a glass of red, and get comfy. If you’re going […]

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5 Ways To Save Time Doing Your Receipts

Keeping records of your receipts can feel soooo tedious.   Can’t  I just bin them dammit, I hear you cry!   All those bits of paper in my purse, wallet, pockets, handbag, everywhere!  [Tweet “Receipts are a core part of your records & you’re legally obliged to keep them”]  Receipts are a core part of your […]

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What You Need To Do When You Monetise Your Blog

Are you monetising your blog? A lot of bloggers are and it’s one of the hottest topics in the blogosphere right now. I’m holding a workshop at the world’s first blogging festival, Blogstock, talking about what it means for your tax if you make money from your blog.   Did you know HMRC could consider […]

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A Year In The Life

Some business owners are a whizz doing their accounts. They just do them. If you’re feeling, ‘really, that doesn’t happen to me’, I’m with you. Me neither. It’s not the best and most comfortable experience for doing my accounts. Which of course, MUST be done. It’s the law. I get my accounts and tax return […]

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Tax Tools For Bloggers

Welcome bloggers!   A blog can be the way you express yourself to the world as well as being a source of income. The blogging world is still a new one to HMRC (bless their hearts) so it can feel confusing when your 21st century blog hits up against 20th century rules and advice. I […]

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How To Do A Fast Expenses Review

Expenses…. often the biggest cost of a business. What’s An Expense? An expense is a cost incurred during your day-to-day business. Expenses can mount up to a lot of money and that’s money making a dent in your profits.   How Can I Save Money On My Expenses? 1.  Make A List List all your […]

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Answering Your Questions

We’re at the end of the tax year so I opened up the blog for your questions. (Not sure what a tax year is? Learn here) Settle down with a cup of tea, glass of wine, and a slice of cake, and learn. My tax return was a nightmare last January. I can’t go through […]

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Which Business Photos Costs are Tax-Deductible?

Images are a key part of your brand. Good photography can make a major difference to how you are liked and trusted – and hired. Those thumbnails on social media are not just pixels. My Story From Snapshot To Professional Business Photography I did what a lot of people do when they start their business: […]

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Page 1 On Google For Tax Return Support

Today I had a lovely surprise: One Man Band Accounting is on page 1 on Google for ‘tax return support’. I was astonished as I only do organic SEO. I asked Martin Oxby of Summit Web Solutions to check for me. If you aren’t familiar with browsers, they personalise search results so my results might not […]

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Can I Do My Own Tax Return?

You’re a one woman/womxn/man band, you freelance, you’re a small business owner, you have a blog you make money from. Can you do your own self assessment tax return? Yes you can, most of the time. Let’s break it down into limited company directors and sole traders (how to work it out if you aren’t […]

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