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3 reasons cake belongs with bookkeeping

Munch a brownie while we do your accounts for you

Let me tell you a story.

When I was 5 I went to school one day and the class was doing baking in the afternoon.

You can imagine it can’t you, 30 5-year-olds all under the care of one teacher. Mrs Wood was destined to be a reception class teacher, all soft skin and soft hair with a smile for every child.

We had our pinnies on (aprons to non-Northerners) and were covered in flour anyway, as we measured, stirred, and baked.

I remember home time going out to meet my mummy all proud of the biscuits I’d made.

It gives you a case of the warm fuzzies doesn’t it?


Do you get the warm fuzzies when doing your bookkeeping?

What, you don’t? (just joking)

Baking is like accounts. You need to do a lot of precise things in the right order. With baking, you get a delicious cake, biscuit or brownie at the end. Or inhale right now and imagine the scent of freshly baked bread. Mmmm.

With your accounts it may seem boring, but you create a sound basis for your business.


Bookkeeping + music + wine + brownie = relax as you work

How do I enjoy my bookkeeping?

  • Create a good environment: put on some music, clear some space
  • Give a little luxury: get yourself a cuppa or a glass of wine
  • Add some sweetness: a slice of cake or a gooey brownie

It’s easier than you think. It’s training your brain to associate lovely things with your bookkeeping instead of ‘oh no, not this again’.

Bookkeeping = good music, a fabulous drink and delicious cake.


Choc chip cookies for grain/gluten/dairy free/vegans

I send a home made brownie to all my clients for this reason. For most people, their bookkeeping and accounts is high up the I-do-not-want-to-do-this list. That isn’t fun.


Do you have ways to make your bookkeeping and admin time more enjoyable? Tell me in the comments.

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