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Category Archives for Business Bank Accounts

How Do I Choose A Business Bank Account?

This blog post is up to date at the time of writing. Things are changing fast in banking so please make your own checks.    Business bank accounts are a subject I am asked about a lot. Which is the best one? A client was shopping for her first business bank account and asked for […]

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Do You Have A Business Savings Account?

Do you save money as part of your business finance system? (Do you have a system?) Saving money as a business isn’t talked about very much. Saving money on what you spend now, that’s talked about. A lot! But who talks about saving money for future costs and investments? For paying yourself when cash flow […]

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When Is The Right Time To Open A Business Bank Account?

Today I want to talk to you about when is the right time to open a business bank account.  Do you need a business account? Can you use a personal account? If you already use a personal account, when is the right time to upgrade to a business bank account? When Is The Right Time […]

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Can I Use My Personal Bank Account For Business?

Can I use my personal bank account for business? It’s one of the questions I’m asked the most. Answer: yes and no. I’m sharing the options freelancers take, the pro’s and con’s and whether it’s legal. So you can make your own informed decision and get on with the important business of making money to […]

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