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Category Archives for Business Expenses

How I Work From Home In A Small Space

More and more people work from home, including most of my clients, and it can be challenging if you don’t have the physical and emotional space that you need. Judy Heminsley from home-working site Work From Home Wisdom interviewed me about how I maintain boundaries between work and home life. I live in a flat in […]

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Do You Have An Expenses Spreadsheet You Love?

Do You Have An Expenses Spreadsheet You Love?   It’s such a small thing, tracking your expenses. And yet your expenses spreadsheet or accounting software is a core part of the money side of your business. Firstly, you must do it, it’s a legal requirement. Secondly, you can’t know how much money you’ve made or what […]

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The Essential Guide To Business Expenses

January is a time when you need fast help when your self assessment is still on your To Do list. If it’s summer when you’re reading this (or October or November) and you have time under your belt, rather than overwhelm and panic, soooo much easier. This is my essential guide to expenses for sole […]

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What’s Tax Deductible With Audio And Video Equipment

I joined Periscope recently and one of my first actions was to make sure I got good sound for Periscope broadcasts. I’m scoping every Wednesday at 10am UK time (follow me) and you’ll know how frustrating it is as a viewer to be watching amazing value content you can’t hear properly! If you’re on Periscope, […]

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Claiming Work From Home Expenses

Working from home is very common amongst freelancers. Home office, bed, sofa, kitchen table, floor, shed, loo, taking a conference call while your 3 year old is welded to your leg, it’s all working from home. You could be wearing a suit, yoga bottoms, ballgown or bath robe, it’s all working from home. So are […]

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Which Photography Equipment Is Tax-Deductible?

Photography is a key part of any business or blog. I do most of my own photography and use my mobile. You may need, or prefer, to have a much higher photography standard, as after all I don’t have a food or lifestyle blog. If you’re a freelance photographer or doing your own website or brand photography, […]

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Which Computer Equipment Is Tax-Deductible?

Now who doesn’t love opening a new shiny laptop? One of the best parts of having a business and being a freelancer can be when you know how a shiny new laptop can reduce your tax bill – and a fabulous laptop case is a joy forever and tax-deductible too! (Tax-deductible means HMRC allow you to […]

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Which Business Stationery Is Tax-Deductible?

I LOVE stationery. One of the best bits of having a business and being a freelancer can be the ability to buy fabulous stunning gorgeous stationery you adore AND IT’S TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! (Tax-deductible means HMRC allow you to take the cost of these items from your business income so you pay less tax. Don’t go crazy […]

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Which Networking Expenses Are Tax-Deductible?

Networking expenses can be a real bitch. What’s tax-deductible, what isn’t? Why are some items allowable off your tax bill in one situation and aren’t in another, hmmm? It’s enough to make your head spin. I want to do more videos so I went to my local wood and made you a video giving you […]

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How To Do A Fast Expenses Review

Expenses…. often the biggest cost of a business. What’s An Expense? An expense is a cost incurred during your day-to-day business. Expenses can mount up to a lot of money and that’s money making a dent in your profits.   How Can I Save Money On My Expenses? 1.  Make A List List all your […]

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