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Cost-Savings: Tips to Achieve Energy Efficiency Explored

Rosie: This is a contributed post. If you’re looking for information about working from home expenses, you need my Essential Guide To Homeworking Expenses instead. I don’t necessarily endorse any contributed post 🙂   Cost-Savings: Tips to Achieve Energy Efficiency Explored At the helm of a roaring business, you might as well be stuck between the […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

Many businesses accept payment in more than one currency and you may be one of them. With cryptocurrency becoming more of a thing, this is a contributed post about the pro’s and con’s (mostly con’s let’s be honest) of accepting cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Exchange rate anyone? If you’re in tech or sell to tech folks as […]

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Get Clued Up On The Important Tax Dates For Entrepreneurs

At The Money Haven, I give you a safe space and the support you need to sort out the money side of your business. I combine hand holding for the emotional overwhelm and practical actions to support you doing what you need to do for yourself or help you understand and feel in control about […]

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Is it a Realistic Goal to Trade Gold in 2018?

  I’ve been asked to include a bit more about other ways of passive income that aren’t the usual courses, books etc that are talked about most often when we mention passive income. While this isn’t an investment blog (and this isn’t financial advice or any other kind of advice, your investments may go up […]

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