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Category Archives for Freelance Life

How I Work From Home In A Small Space

More and more people work from home, including most of my clients, and it can be challenging if you don’t have the physical and emotional space that you need. Judy Heminsley from home-working site Work From Home Wisdom interviewed me about how I maintain boundaries between work and home life. I live in a flat in […]

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How To Use Tax Deductible Stationery To Treat Yourself

I love stationery so much. I was so excited when Aussie stationery haven Kikki K opened in London, right around the corner from Paperchase. Soooo lovely! Stationery is the joy of opening a new notebook with a pristine clean page with the promises within. It’s the bliss of new pens with ink flowing onto the […]

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How To Use Essential Oils For Your Tax Return

I LOVE essential oils. It’s like inhaling nature. In fact, essential oils are one of my little secrets for why my tax return is done by the end of the summer and not in January (yes, it used to be January, so stressful). In February and March I get my records ready for when the tax […]

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How I Was Featured In The National Press

This year I was featured in the Daily Mail, one of the UK’s national newspapers. It’s the world’s biggest online English language newspaper site and the print edition has one of the biggest circulations in the UK (source). How did I do it, and more importantly, how you can do it too.   Step 1: […]

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My Experience Of A Daily Mail Photoshoot

It’s the goal of a lot of businesses to be in a national newspaper. When I got my opportunity this year, it involved having a photoshoot for the Daily Mail in my home. Here’s my experience.   My Daily Mail Photoshoot: Why I said Yes (Or my answer to everyone who asked why I said […]

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About Rosie: Hiscox Small Business Star

I was Hiscox insurance’s Small Business Star in February. (They do professional liability insurance for freelancers if you haven’t heard of them)   ‘This week’s Small Business Star is finance and accounting coach, Rosie Slosek. As founder of One Man Band Accounting, Rosie provides sole traders and small businesses with one-to-one support and advice on […]

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Tax Return Stress Relief

Tax returns can feel overwhelmingly stressful. Whether it’s your first tax return, you’ve done it before yourself rather uneasily, or you have new income to enter and don’t know what to do with it, it all adds up to Rather A Lot To Avoid Thinking About. You need tax return relief. While I can help […]

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A Year In The Life

Some business owners are a whizz doing their accounts. They just do them. If you’re feeling, ‘really, that doesn’t happen to me’, I’m with you. Me neither. It’s not the best and most comfortable experience for doing my accounts. Which of course, MUST be done. It’s the law. I get my accounts and tax return […]

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How To Hire A VA And Get Your Life Back

A virtual assistant is a blessed angel of the business world. He or she will enable you to have a profitable business AND have a life. They do the things you don’t choose to do, leaving you able to get on with your business. There are lots of kinds of virtual assistants (VAs). Here are […]

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My Guide To Networking As An Introvert

I’m an introvert. I love working from home and networking online. With face to face networking events, no matter how much I enjoyed them, a lot of people in a room drained my energy. It can feel just as overwhelming doing your tax. All those receipts, unfamiliar language, what you can do, what you can’t do. […]

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