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Category Archives for Prepare For Growth

How Do I Choose A Business Bank Account?

This blog post is up to date at the time of writing. Things are changing fast in banking so please make your own checks.    Business bank accounts are a subject I am asked about a lot. Which is the best one? A client was shopping for her first business bank account and asked for […]

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It's all about having more fun with your money admin

3 Ways To Bring Fun Into Your Money Admin

3 Ways To Have Fun With Your Money Admin   Money admin tasks are possibly the most put-off, procrastinated, resisted and do-another-day tasks in a business. There are logical reasons like needing more understanding and not knowing where to start or what to do (I can help). There are emotional reasons like fear of getting […]

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C Is For Cashflow

  C Is For Cashflow Do You Know Yours?   Cashflow starts with C and so do cookies, cake and clients (monster not required) 😉 Do you know your cashflow? It’s one of the most important factors in your business and good businesses can go under without it. Getting the basics of good cash flow […]

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Do you check your recurring expenses

Do You Check Your Recurring Expenses?

  Do You Check Your Recurring Expenses?   Do you check your business’s recurring expenses or do you wonder where your money went when you get to do your tax return? It’s one of the reasons folks put off their tax return. I know your tax return isn’t the most exciting thing you could be […]

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Do you have a Paypal account for your business?

Do You Have A Paypal Account For Your Business?

  Do You Have A Business Paypal Account?   Do you have a business Paypal account or do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and put off doing your tax return because your Paypal is all mixed up? I understand how it is. You already have a Paypal account so you add your business transactions through it. […]

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How To Have An Annual Business Money Review

Do You Love Your Business Money? Come on, be honest, it’s just us. Do you really truly hand on heart LOVE your business money? Not just the delicious income, but your expenses, your cash flow, your record keeping, how often and how much you pay yourself, how you receive money, sending invoices, bank transactions, bank […]

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Do You Have A Business Savings Account?

Do you save money as part of your business finance system? (Do you have a system?) Saving money as a business isn’t talked about very much. Saving money on what you spend now, that’s talked about. A lot! But who talks about saving money for future costs and investments? For paying yourself when cash flow […]

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Are You Sabotaging Your Success Because The Next Step Is A Limited Company?

Having a limited company can feel a bit grown up. You want to take the next adulting step but you’re not sure what’s involved and how to decide if a company is right for you. If you’re starting a business, how to decide between limited company and sole trader? Already have a business and been […]

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When Is The Right Time To Open A Business Bank Account?

Today I want to talk to you about when is the right time to open a business bank account.  Do you need a business account? Can you use a personal account? If you already use a personal account, when is the right time to upgrade to a business bank account? When Is The Right Time […]

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Does Taking Your Business To The Next Level Mean A Limited Company?

You started your business – so exciting – you’ve done the graft, the emotional roller coaster, the have-I-done-the-right-thing worries, the achievement of your first client and your second, third and tenth. You’re more established now, you don’t feel quite a newbie any more. You know what you’re doing and you know where you’re going. You’ve […]

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