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Category Archives for Sole Trader Tax Return Success

What is Class 4 National Insurance?

National Insurance can feel very confusing. The tax that isn’t called a tax, it comes in many varieties. It’s enough to make you long for the simplicity of income tax. Just kidding. Read on to find out: What is Class 4 National Insurance? Who pays Class 4 National Insurance? How much is Class 4 National […]

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The Guide To Home Working Expenses

Working from home is very common amongst freelancers. Home office, bed, sofa, kitchen table, floor, shed, loo, taking a conference call while your 3 year old is welded to your leg, it’s all working from home. You could be wearing a suit, yoga bottoms, ballgown or bath robe, it’s all working from home. So are […]

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Can I Use My Personal Bank Account For Business?

Can I use my personal bank account for business? It’s one of the questions I’m asked the most. Answer: yes and no. I’m sharing the options freelancers take, the pro’s and con’s and whether it’s legal. So you can make your own informed decision and get on with the important business of making money to […]

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How To Save Your Tax Return So You Can Find It

You’re diligent about saving your self assessment tax return to your laptop or computer every year. You know how important it is to have that file, and to have at least 2 backups, in different places. You know having a copy of your tax return is a legal requirement. Who has done all that and […]

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What is Payment On Account?

Payment on account. It’s the bit they don’t tell you about. So I am. Because I like you having lovely surprises and not big tax bills you didn’t expect. What Is Payment On Account? Payment on account is HMRC trying to help you spread the cost of your tax bill. Yes they are trying to […]

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What Is A Personal Income Tax Allowance?

Let’s start with simple. My personal allowance for cake is 1 small slice per sitting. Now for you, your personal cake allowance may become 3 slices if you haven’t had cake for 2 days. HMRC have a stricter policy and you only have one personal tax allowance per year, no negotiations. In fact, when you make […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Accounting Software

All businesses need to keep accounts. How you do that depends on your business’s legal status (limited company, sole trader etc), how much income your business has, and the number, type, and complexity of transactions.   Making The Right Choice of Accounting Software It’s a choice for what’s right for you and what’s right for […]

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Starting A Business As A Freelancer

Starting a business and deciding to freelance is an exciting time. It can be the first step in a new life, where you choose what matters and what’s important to you.   Whether you’re going full time, part time, with a job, without a job, while you care for children or parents, work from home […]

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Tax-Deductible Photography Gift Guide

Photography is a key part of any business or blog. I do most of my own photography and use my mobile. You may need, or prefer, to have a much higher photography standard, as after all I don’t have a food or lifestyle blog. If you’re a freelance photographer or doing your own website or brand photography, […]

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Tax-Deductible Laptop Gift Guide

Now who doesn’t love opening a new shiny laptop? One of the best parts of having a business and being a freelancer can be when you know how a shiny new laptop can reduce your tax bill – and a fabulous laptop case is a joy forever and tax-deductible too! (Tax-deductible means HMRC allow you to […]

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