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Category Archives for Sole Trader Tax Return Success

Tax-Deductible Stationery Gift Guide

I LOVE stationery. One of the best bits of having a business and being a freelancer can be the ability to buy fabulous stunning gorgeous stationery you adore AND IT’S TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! (Tax-deductible means HMRC allow you to take the cost of these items from your business income so you pay less tax. Don’t go crazy […]

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Doing Your First Tax Return – Part 2

Doing your first tax return can be like a squishy bunny. It’s cute, it’s cuddly, it looks googly eyes at you and loves you. Ok, ok, maybe it’s not that cute. But does your first tax return need to be the opposite? A dark, broody, nasty ‘thing’, waiting under your bed to crawl up the duvet […]

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Doing Your First Tax Return – Part 1

Doing your first tax return can feel daunting. It’s easy to put it off and go hide in your mental pillow fort. Take your chocolate, calculator and spreadsheet into your pillow fort, snuggle under your duvet and get your first tax return ticked off your Grown Up Accomplishments list. 1. Notice To Complete A Tax […]

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How To Avoid Tax Return Mistakes

Tax returns are not high on our list of fabulous ways of spending our life. Yes, for me too. Being a tax return coach for cake-loving freelancers doesn’t mean that I magically love doing my own return. It does mean that I practice what I preach and include cake and an occasional kick up the […]

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Claiming Networking Expenses

Networking expenses can be a real bitch. What’s tax-deductible, what isn’t? Why are some items allowable off your tax bill in one situation and aren’t in another, hmmm? It’s enough to make your head spin. I want to do more videos so I went to my local wood and made you a video giving you […]

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Are Your Paypal Records Driving You Crazy?

Paypal is one of the best inventions of the interwebz in my opinion. It makes receiving, sending and paying safe and secure. However. Paypal is a bitch when it comes to doing your record keeping. A time sinking, stress inducing, holy mother of unicorns when will it all end bitch. I’m going to concentrate on […]

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Sole Trader Or Limited Company, What’s The Risk?

The most important decision when you become your own boss is choosing your legal structure. The second most important decision is making sure that structure is right for your business and you. There are many structures available: the main ones are sole trader, limited company, partnership and limited liability partnership. I’m going to focus on the […]

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How Can I Do My Own Tax Return?

  You’re a one man band, you freelance, you’re a heart-centred business, a female entrepreneur, a blogger. Can you do your own self assessment tax return? YES! (Usually) This is a long post, and a goody, so sit down, make yourself a cuppa or pour a glass of red, and get comfy. If you’re going […]

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5 Ways To Save Time Doing Your Receipts

Keeping records of your receipts can feel soooo tedious.   Can’t  I just bin them dammit, I hear you cry!   All those bits of paper in my purse, wallet, pockets, handbag, everywhere!  [Tweet “Receipts are a core part of your records & you’re legally obliged to keep them”]  Receipts are a core part of your […]

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Are You Monetising Your Blog?

Are you monetising your blog? A lot of bloggers are and it’s one of the hottest topics in the blogosphere right now. I’m holding a workshop at the world’s first blogging festival, Blogstock, talking about what it means for your tax if you make money from your blog.   Did you know HMRC could consider […]

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