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Category Archives for Sole Trader Tax Return Success

Tax Return Balm: Your Natural Stress Relief

Tax returns can feel overwhelmingly stressful. Whether it’s your first tax return, you’ve done it before yourself rather uneasily, or you have new income to enter and don’t know what to do with it, it all adds up to Rather A Lot To Avoid Thinking About. You need tax return relief. While I can help […]

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6 Ways To Avoid Your Accounts

Some business owners are a whizz doing their accounts. They just do them. If you’re feeling, ‘really, that doesn’t happen to me’, I’m with you. Me neither. It’s not the best and most comfortable experience for doing my accounts. Which of course, MUST be done. It’s the law. I get my accounts and tax return […]

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Why Cake Is The Key Tool For Your Blogging Tax Return

You’re a professional blogger or you want to be. You enjoy cake.   You don’t enjoy doing your tax return or accounts. You prefer to have your cake and eat it.   You want a profitable successful blog on your terms. You want to know how you can do all this and have a life […]

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Are Your Expenses Naughty Or Nice?

Expenses…. often the biggest cost of a business. What’s An Expense? An expense is a cost incurred during your day-to-day business. Expenses can mount up to a lot of money and that’s money making a dent in your profits.   How Can I Save Money On My Expenses? 1.  Make A List List all your […]

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Why Decluttering Your Accounts Is Like Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a luxurious pleasure. Freshly baked scones, finger sandwiches, melt in the mouth pastries. And the best part of all, beautiful quality loose leaf tea served in bone china. Pure relaxation. You may be wondering why your accounts and bookkeeping have anything to do with afternoon tea, and in fact, anything to do […]

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What Is A Tax Year & Using It To Reduce Your Tax Bill

A tax year is the period of time when you are assessed for tax. What Are The Tax Year Dates? The first day of the UK tax year is 6th April. The last day is 5th April the following year. Sole traders are assessed for tax through the self assessment tax return system. Your sole trader […]

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How To Claim Business Photography Off Your Tax Bill

Images are a key part of your brand. Good photography can make a major difference to how you are liked and trusted – and hired. Those thumbnails on social media are not just pixels. My Story From Snapshot To Professional Business Photography I did what a lot of people do when they start their business: […]

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10 Ways To Get Paid Faster

Getting paid is the highest priority for all businesses. You don’t get paid, no business! Here are 10 Ways To Get Paid Faster. 1. Review Your Invoices Do your invoices have your contact information including a phone number? Is the amount due, date due, invoice number/reference and how to pay easy to find? Make it super […]

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Saving For Your Tax Bill: Fran Swaine's Story

January is when most people pay their tax bill. It can be painful if you aren’t expecting it. A big welcome to Fran Swaine who tells her story about starting out with a new freelance business. Tell us about yourself I’m a marketing consultant without the jargon! I work primarily with charities, not for profits […]

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3 Instant Ways To Improve Your Cashflow

Do you constantly scrutinise your bank account to check the latest balance? Do you ignore your bank balance in the hope it’ll all be okay if you don’t look? Welcome to Alison Bradford business coach, sharing how you can instantly improve your cash flow.   Business Is About Making Money ‘Whatever your attitude to managing your money, […]

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