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Category Archives for Sole Trader Tax Return Success

The Essential Tax & Money Reads For New Businesses

  Are you exploring freelancing? A shiny new freelancer in your first year? An established freelancer needing a refresh? Collected in one handy place, all cosy and warm: The New Freelancer Edition. Snuggle down with a glass of red and learn. The Tax & Money Essential Reads For New Freelancers 1.  UK Freelance Tax & […]

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Page 1 On Google For 'Tax Return Support': What Organic SEO Can Do For Your Business

Today I had a lovely surprise: One Man Band Accounting is on page 1 on Google for ‘tax return support’. I was astonished as I only do organic SEO. I asked Martin Oxby of Summit Web Solutions to check for me. If you aren’t familiar with browsers, they personalise search results so my results might not […]

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Why It's OK Not To Panic When Your Tax Return Is Due

Doing your tax return right before deadline? It needs to be done quickly, and staying calm will help you get the wretched thing done faster. It may feel difficult to be relaxed but it helps get the job done. Get the music on, promise yourself a reward, put on the kettle or open a bottle […]

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Cake And Tax: How To Do Your Tax Return In 7 Easy Steps

Cake and tax? Is there a better combination? (Ok, apart from the tax) As part of the Women In Business telesummit by Dina Behrman Communications, I’m speaking on Cake And Tax: How To Do Your Tax Return In 7 Easy Steps. Cake And Tax: How To Do Your Tax Return In 7 Easy Steps Need […]

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Can I Do My Own Tax Return?

Yes! (usually) You’re a one man band, you freelance, you’re a micro business owner. Can you do your own self assessment tax return? Let’s break it down into limited company directors and sole traders (click here if you aren’t sure which you are).   Doing Your Tax Return As A Director Easy to do your […]

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The Tax Return Toolkit is here!

Only available until 10pm 31 December 2014 because of the new EU VAT rules (read more) Are you a sole trader or director doing your own tax return? Do you have an accountant and want help doing the paperwork they need? Do you want a large serving of anti-procrastination juice and a piece of cake […]

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Self Assessment Tax Return Checklist Guests on Success Network Recipes

Success Network is a micro-business support community and resource library for female solopreneurs. I’ve known the founder, Ute Wieczorek-King, for a few years now and the Success Network is one of the leading support communities in the southeast. (I’m not being paid to say this, it’s merely my opinion 😉 ) Some One Man Band Accounting […]

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My Accidental SEO Success – 3rd Place on Google for sole trader invoice template

  In May I added a sole trader invoice template to the One Man Band Accounting website. I’d had a lot of enquiries from new businesses needing help getting started and I remember what it was like when I became self-employed. That was in 2007, and I felt completely at sea, there was so much […]

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How a budget got Cinderella to the Ball: How To Manage Your Cash Flow

[First featured on Claire Park Therapies] Budgeting is seen as the ugly sister of your finances. It’s really about having cash flowing through your life and your business. With little money or time, Cinderella’s life was just work and stress from dawn til dusk and she needed some fun. Let’s help Cinderella go to the […]

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10 Tax Advantages of Working From Home: James Bond Style

[First featured on Micro Business Hub] Imagine you’re James Bond… You’ve dispatched the Bad Guys, and now you’re setting up shop on a tropical island, offering spy services. Judi Dench has promised you some referrals, you’ve got a brand new office in a corner of your grass hut, and of course, you’re a sole trader. […]

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