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Category Archives for Start A Business

How To Register As Self-Employed

Do you have a business and earned more than £1000 in this tax year (April to end March) with your business? Are you freelancing and earned more than £1000 in this tax year (April to end March) with your freelancing? Do you have a blog and earned more than £1000 in this tax year (April […]

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Are You A Sole Trader Or A Limited Company?

Sole trader, limited company, you’ve heard me talking about them. They’re your legal structure and the foundation of your business. What are they, what do they mean and which are you (and why it matters that you know).   What Is A Sole Trader? A sole trader is a person who is trading and isn’t […]

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Getting Paid: Starting A Business

This is the 1st article in a 10 part series covering all aspects of getting paid as a business. Read more: Professional Payment Procedures, Ways For People To Give You Money, Late Payments & Not Getting Paid, Getting Paid Faster & On Time Coming up: 6. Profit & Tax, 7. Maintaining A Money Mindset, 8. Getting Paid As A […]

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Starting A Business As A Freelancer

Starting a business and deciding to freelance is an exciting time. It can be the first step in a new life, where you choose what matters and what’s important to you.   Whether you’re going full time, part time, with a job, without a job, while you care for children or parents, work from home […]

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What You Need To Do Before You Quit Your Job To Start A Business

Quitting your job and working full time for your own business, freelancing or blog. It’s the dream, right? Full time, part time, flexible time. On your sofa, in a cafe, on a beach, in a boardroom. Your success, your way. Scary though, isn’t it? You can do it. Thousands have before you, and done it their […]

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Sole Trader Or Limited Company, What’s The Risk?

The most important decision when you become your own boss is choosing your legal structure. The second most important decision is making sure that structure is right for your business and you. There are many structures available: the main ones are sole trader, limited company, partnership and limited liability partnership. I’m going to focus on the […]

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How Do I Register For Self-Employed National Insurance Contributions?

National Insurance (NI) is the tax we don’t call a tax. It’s not simple, but it is easy! I’ll take you through National Insurance Contributions (NICs) step-by-step so you pay what you need to and no more than that. What Are National Insurance Contributions (NICs)? National Insurance started last century as a way of paying […]

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What Is A Tax Year?

A tax year is the period of time when you are assessed for tax. What Are The Tax Year Dates? The first day of the UK tax year is 6th April. The last day is 5th April the following year. Sole traders are assessed for tax through the self assessment tax return system. Your sole trader […]

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