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Why Financial Self Care Isn’t About Being Lazy

Self care is a buzz word right now but popularity makes it no less important. A lot of the attention is on looking after yourself, and this is super essential, but what about your business? Self care for your business finances needs to be at the core of your business, because if your biz money and […]

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All The Things To Avoid Doing Your Tax Return

Are you doing All The Things to avoid your tax return right now? I interviewed Sarah Weiler of Power Of Uke about her oh-so-fabulous ukelele song about all the things she does to avoid hers. But first, the song to make you giggle and give you motivation 🙂 All The Things To Avoid Doing Your […]

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How To Use Tax Deductible Stationery To Treat Yourself

I love stationery so much. I was so excited when Aussie stationery haven Kikki K opened in London, right around the corner from Paperchase. Soooo lovely! Stationery is the joy of opening a new notebook with a pristine clean page with the promises within. It’s the bliss of new pens with ink flowing onto the […]

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When A Manicure Is Tax Deductible

A manicure is a lovely treat. You wouldn’t have thought it was tax deductible though. Today I’m sharing: When is a manicure tax deductible? How your tax deductible manicure can grow your business Why is a manicure sometimes tax deductible? When A Manicure Is Tax Deductible Resources: How To Claim Business Photography Off Your Tax […]

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When Is The Right Time To Open A Business Bank Account?

Today I want to talk to you about when is the right time to open a business bank account.  Do you need a business account? Can you use a personal account? If you already use a personal account, when is the right time to upgrade to a business bank account? When Is The Right Time […]

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Can You Go Back To Sole Trader From Limited Company?

Today I want to talk to you about going back to a sole trader when you’re a limited company. I’ll be sharing with you:  Can you go back to being a sole trader when you’re a limited company? How easy is it? What do you (and your accountant) need to do? Can You Go Back […]

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Are Bank Charges For Currency Conversion Tax-Deductible?

We are receiving payments in different currencies because it’s an international world now. More and more of us are even trading in a different currency to our own. Are those bank charges for currency conversions tax deductible? I’ll be sharing with you: What are bank charges for currency conversion? What do they include? Are they tax-deductible?   […]

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How To Record Affiliate Payments

Today I want to talk to you about how to record affiliate payments.  What I’m talking about here is you being an affiliate for businesses and companies where you’ve used their products, you’ve used their services, you’ve used their programs yourself and they’re important to you.  They’ve made a difference to you, and you want […]

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The Essential Guide To Your Tax Return

  January is a time when you need fast help when your self assessment is still on your To Do list. If it’s summer when you’re reading this (or October or November) and you have time under your belt, rather than overwhelm and panic, soooo much easier. This is my essential guide to your self […]

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Are You A Sole Trader Or A Limited Company?

Sole trader, limited company, you’ve heard me talking about them. They’re your legal structure and the foundation of your business. What are they, what do they mean and which are you (and why it matters that you know).   What Is A Sole Trader? A sole trader is a person who is trading and isn’t […]

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