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When Life Happens: Taking A Blogging Break

Life happens. It’s one reason why we have our own business or blog. For some of us, we have both. It’s good to have space to share. We’re not automatons. We have lives and one of the most powerful values of having community is sharing when things happen in our life and not pretending all […]

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Grow Your Own Accounting

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with my own words and opinions and an excuse for me to talk about my allotment, which I’ve been wanting to do for ages!   This – ladies, gentlemen, business owners, freelancers, bloggers and mad keen growers – is my pumpkin. She has pride of place in my greenhouse […]

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Are You Monetising Your Blog?

Are you monetising your blog? A lot of bloggers are and it’s one of the hottest topics in the blogosphere right now. I’m holding a workshop at the world’s first blogging festival, Blogstock, talking about what it means for your tax if you make money from your blog.   Did you know HMRC could consider […]

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Accounting Tips During School Holidays

It’s the summer holidays. How are you going to prioritise rest and recuperation, looking after your children, run your business, and keep up with your accounts? Maybe even file your tax return by the time the holidays end? Wouldn’t that be great to get it off your mind? So, let’s play a game. Help Mummy […]

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Time To Invest or Time To Sit Back?

As a business owner, it can be hard to know when to invest and push forward, and when to sit back and relax. I’ve been pushing forward and investing a lot in my business for the past 6 months. I admit I over did it. I am also proud of myself for recognising that I […]

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Why You Are More Awesome Than You Believe You Are

This is a personal post, and I won’t even be making a ‘this is how this helps you with your accounts’ comparison at the end. If you’d like to share my journey as a one man band business owner read on. If you’d prefer to come back next week I’ll see you then. Everyone else, […]

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Tax & Money 2013-14: Answering Your Questions

We’re at the end of the tax year so I opened up the blog for your questions. (Not sure what a tax year is? Learn here) Settle down with a cup of tea, glass of wine, and a slice of cake, and learn. My tax return was a nightmare last January. I can’t go through […]

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Top 10 Posts of 2013-14 & Q&A

We’re close to the end of the tax year, which finishes on 5th April. So it’s time for the annual Questions & Answers. For inspiration, here are 10 of the most popular posts of 2013-14. Top 10 Posts of 2013-14 How A Budget Got Cinderella To The Ball 10 Tax Advantages of Working From Home […]

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10 Ways To Get Paid Faster

Getting paid is the highest priority for all businesses. You don’t get paid, no business! Here are 10 Ways To Get Paid Faster. 1. Review Your Invoices Do your invoices have your contact information including a phone number? Is the amount due, date due, invoice number/reference and how to pay easy to find? Make it super […]

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Saving For Your Tax Bill: Fran Swaine's Story

January is when most people pay their tax bill. It can be painful if you aren’t expecting it. A big welcome to Fran Swaine who tells her story about starting out with a new freelance business. Tell us about yourself I’m a marketing consultant without the jargon! I work primarily with charities, not for profits […]

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