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My December Essentials. Part 1: Cheese


It’s 3pm and time for the Great Cheese Hunt.

It’s an annual event in mid December which is looked forward to with much excitement.

I finish what I’m working on, I enjoy the last of my cup of tea, I don hat, scarf, gloves, boots, coat, and I’m off.

Down a tree-lined road, across a long lane, and into an ancient wood I amble. I revel in the beauty of a late autumn day and the trees reaching their naked branches to the skies. The robins hop in the fallen leaves and I watch squirrels do the nut shuffle.

Emerging from the wood, a pause to appreciate the view across London to the downs.

A few more minutes and I have arrived at my destination, the local shop.


December is Cheese Month. It’s when I indulge my love of all things cheese. I am very good and only buy several kilo and not the 30kg my cheese-addicted brain urges me to. Just a kilo more, you know you want to, it’s calling you, come to me…..

I’m sure you’ve been there.

I select my purchases, I move through the shop with nervous excitement to the till. I pay.

Slowly I emerge, blinking into the low sun of the remaining daylight. I am oblivious to the chatterings of schoolchildren as they wheel and cascade around me like small birds.

Walking home, the weight of the cheese in my bag is a joy. The wood is now darker, the squirrels going to dreys for the night, the parakeets settling. A few leaves fall, and the cry of a tired toddler pierces the air.

I am home. I have cheese. Happiness is mine.

This blog post has nothing to do with accounting. If you would like some tax-related reading, may I suggest my splendiferous Tax Return Toolkit, which will help you do your tax return and paperwork easily and with style, and cake (or cheese, or both!).

Please share your love of cheese with me in the comments.

(Part 2: Cake. Out next Friday).


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