Demystify Limited Companies

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How would you feel if:

  • You felt clear about the right time to change your sole trader business into a limited company
  • You felt clear whether a limited company is the right choice for your new business
  • You felt clear about your limited company’s legal obligations, how you’re paid and the new Budget changes



How would you feel if:

  • You felt in a safe haven to ask all those questions you’ve been led to believe are ‘silly’
  • Your questions about limited companies were answered in language you can understand with examples that are relevant to you
  • You felt your power in your business now you understand your legal structure and what you need to do and what it all means


A core part of how I serve you is providing a safe haven for you to explore what you need to learn – without all the stuff you don’t – saving you time, money, paralysis, overwhelm and sanity.


Yes, you could find out information on your own by Google, but would you really want to?


Not knowing what’s appropriate for you, what’s relevant for you, translating complex language and keeping up to date with the river of changes.


Why Choose A Limited Company?

Sole trader or limited company, legal obligations, deadlines, bank accounts


Paying Yourself As A Limited Company

Salary, dividends, transitioning from sole trader/employment, the new Budget changes


Making Your Life Easy

Working with your accountant, records and rewards



I’ll share all you need to know without you doing the grunt work of finding it ourself and not having any idea what applies to you, what doesn’t, and what do all those strange words mean anyway.


It’s why the Demystify Limited Companies Workshop is here for you.


A safe haven to demystify limited companies so you can relax while you learn – live or recorded, it’s up to you.


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Here’s How It Works:


  • Pre workshop online workbook so I can tailor the workshop to what you need
  • 1 day online workshop
  • On the workshop, I’ll be teaching you all you need to explore when choosing a limited company with its legal obligations and the 5 factors you must include in your decision. I’m going to teach you what really matters, with no scare stories or complicated language or talking down to you
  • We’ll explore the different ways of being paid as a limited company, the tax-efficient options available, and what you need to discuss with your partner and accountant to make the right choice for your family. Plus what records you need to keep and what you need to tell your accountant so they can best help you.
  • The workshop includes all worksheets, plus a post workshop online workbook to create your own action plan so you’re ready to focus and get the most out of the support call
  • Live group support call will give you group support and encouragement and the accountability we all need
  • The workshop and support call will be recorded if you can’t make it live


‘I feel so much more informed and empowered’

Lisa Mills


Feeling unsure, uncomfortable, adrift or patronised about the most important foundation of your business – your legal structure – isn’t a fun place to be.

So if you’ve been hedging around exploring limited companies or learning about the one you have already, now is the time. I only offer this workshop once a year and 2018 is a long way off if you’re serious about preparing for growth or getting ready to be ready for growth.


‘I feel so much more confident on what I need to be doing’

Jess Critchlow


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Is This Workshop For You?

  • You want to kickstart your limited company and understand what needs to happen and how you’ll pay yourself
  • You want to start a business and you feel a limited company is probably the right choice for you, but you aren’t sure
  • You have a limited company and not knowing your responsibilities and what your accountant is doing is holding you back
  • You’re sole trader and want to learn more to help you decide if upgrading to limited is the right choice for you
  • You’re in the pre-business research phase and want to get your information all in one place to save time, energy and sanity
  • You’re not ready for one to one and want more help than searching on your own can provide
  • You want the support of others and of a relaxing venue, to help keep you accountable to asking what you need to
  • You’re introvert, HSP, empath, Aspie and most events overwhelm you and take days to recover from – you want to learn and keep your energy
  • You keep putting it off learning about this stuff and it’s time to stop
  • You want a workshop that fits around your life – whether you learn best live or recorded – no stress about dates or prior commitments


‘I booked with Rosie to address those questions which niggled in my mind, but which I was too embarrassed to ask my accountant as surely a “ company director” should know?  Rosie broke down all those barriers and I left feeling empowered. I feel confident and back in charge’

Caroline Burwood


Want To Join Me?


  • Pre workshop workbook
  • 1 day online workshop (stay all day, stay for a particular session or watch the recording)
  • Post workshop online workbook and action plan
  • 90 minute support call
  • The workshop and group support call will both be recorded if you can’t make it live
  • Private Facebook group
  • Lifetime membership of The Money Haven
  • Chocolate brownie
  • £197


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‘I have reassurance that I know now what a limited company involves’

Ken Grayling


If you have questions, please contact me (or book into my calendar).



‘Rosie was the one who got me to finally stop dithering and go for it’

Melanie Whittaker


Last year’s folks felt reassured, confident, informed and empowered.


Would you like that to be you?


Rosie x


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