Recommended Finance & Money Wellbeing Books

Recommended Finance + Money Well Being Books


Want to boost your financial knowledge and confidence as a business owner?

Then download this free pdf of recommended finance and money well being books I created for The Design Trust.

It includes my Top 15 Finance and Money Well Being book recommendations with a Bonus 10 plus further recommendations from trusted business women.


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‘The internal creative process and the external demands of earning a living are often discussed separately.

As though artists don’t need to eat or pay bills [and] as though talking about money and the practical … takes away the magic of making art’.

Creatrix – Lucy H Pearce


Featured authors:

Holly Worton

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Lucy H Pearce

Eli Trier

Barbara Stanny

Robert Pagliarini

Ann Wilson

Mary Waring

Brad Klontz

Emilie Bellet

Michelle Tea

FT Money

Leonie Dawson

Jennifer Lee

Maria Brophy

Kate Northrup

Bari Tessler

Chase Jarvis


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