28 Day Self Care For Your Biz Finances Challenge

28 Day Self Care For Your Finances Challenge


The 28 Day Challenge Is The Next Step To Start Caring For The Money Side Of Your Business.


Over 28 days, you’ll be guided through fast, easy and simple ways to help you create real change in the money side of your business that feels good and nurtures you and is sustainable.


This isn’t about increasing your revenue, your profits, or even your tax-deductible expenses.


This is about the little things in the money side of your business that are actually the big things.


  • Actually loving the numbers in your business
  • Take out the ‘should’
  • Heal your number-related hurts through small self care actions
  • Pay yourself money from your business from day 1 (whatever your profits)
  • Learning how to introduce self care into your business money systems so they become nurturing rituals


The Challenge In A Nutshell


28 Day Challenge guiding you through loving your numbers, paying yourself a salary, mindset blocks and self care so you can love your business money instead of feeling icky and anxious 🙂

(approx AUD12)

How Does The Challenge Work?


Each day at 8am for 28 days an email will pop into your inbox with a small action for you to take.


Most days it will take you less than 5 minutes, some days it will be 30 minutes, and there is catch up time built in.

All super achieveable and there to support you to take the next step giving some love to your business finances so it doesn’t feel so hard.


Who Is The Challenge For?


The 28 Day Self Care For Your Biz Finances Challenge is for you if:


  • You pay your business costs and then you pay yourself what’s left over
  • You’re starting out in your business and you want to do it right
  • You aren’t comfortable with numbers and want to change that
  • The money side of your business is uncomfortable and you want a better experience
  • You need a gentle kick in the pants to take action in a simple easy way
  • You want actions that are only a little bit out of your comfort zone so change feels easier
  • Time is an issue so tasks that are take only a few minutes are perfect
  • You want to create deep change in your business and want to start small for lots of quick wins


(approx AUD12)

Who Created The Challenge?


Rosie Slosek is a business finances mentor and tax return coach.

Rosie helps female entrepreneurs to get clear and confident about their business finances so their creativity has time and space to flow.

Heather Bestel is a self care expert and coach helping women all over the world integrate self care into their lives so they can become their best selves.


What’s Included?


  • 28 day email course with short actionable steps that’s super simple to slip into your day
  • Private Facebook group
  • Special rates for one to one if you want to go deeper after the challenge


(approx AUD12)

Ready To Get Started?


At ÂŁ7 (approx AUD12), it’s a no-brainer and Heather and I want to share this with as many people as possible.

Click the button below and get ready to care for your biz finances and release that icky anxiety.


(approx AUD12)

Your welcome email will be in your inbox in a few minutes so you can get started right now taking those first life-changing steps.


(approx AUD12)

“I just wanted to say I realised I have HUGE blocks around money causing me to block things at every turn and I have investigated how to start removing these blocks, like RIGHT NOW and move forward. I’m not entirely there yet, but I just want to let you both know that you have kicked off a new start and a determination – something that’s been lacking for all of 2016. THANK YOU’


Emma Gordon, artisan craft teacher


(approx AUD12)


What’s the course structure?

Scroll down for a day to day what’s happening.

I have lots of courses already. Won’t another one be overwhelm?

The Challenge is designed to fit easily into your life and take little time because that’s how sustainable change is made. There are some 30 minute actions and you can save those for the built-in catch up time if that works better for you.

How can such tiny steps make a real difference?

Because small steps taken consistently create changes in your behaviour that are long lasting. This Challenge is the next step after the Retreat rather than an intensive programme, so you need to bear that in mind, but it’s perfect for keeping momentum with the change you want to create for your business.

Do you have a deeper programme available?

Yes I do. Find out more about my mentoring packages and one to one coaching. I also have a Business Expenses Review and Business Money Alignment 1/2 Day available. Contact me to find out more or book a chat. If you have any questions, contact me or book a chat.

I didn’t receive my welcome email or another technical support question.

Contact Rosie at rosie at themoneyhaven.com and I’ll help you out (I answer emails on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).


Challenge Structure

Day 1 – Anchor Your New Biz Practice

  • Introduce the Minute Meditation and Business Support Tracker into your life to calm and support you

Days 2-4 – Love Your Numbers

  • Start to track your key business numbers and create accountability in a gentle sustainable way

Day 5 – Block Breaker

  • It’s not as hard as it sometimes feels

Day 6 – Self Care

  • Reminding your body and brain it’s all okay

Days 7-9 – Super Simple Deeper Self Care

  • Going deeper into slowing down, taking care of yourself and adding me-time into your daily life, easily and simply

Day 10 – Block Breaker

  • It’s not as hard as it sometimes feels

Day 11 – Self Care

  • Reminding your body and brain it’s all okay

Days 12-14 – Do You Pay Yourself A Salary?

  • Paying yourself first, rather than your costs, whether your business is new, been going a while, or you haven’t cracked that ‘I deserve to pay myself’ belief yet

Day 15 – Block Breaker

  • Find your happy place

Day 16 – Self Care

  • Reminding your body and brain it’s all okay

Days 17-19 – Catch Up

  • Time to catch up or go deeper

Day 20 – Block Breaker

  • When you can’t see where you’re going, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get there

Day 21 – Self Care

  • Reminding your body and brain it’s all okay

Day 22 – Reflect

  • Reflect on what has changed over the past 28 days

Day 23 – Plan

  • Plan what you want and your next steps

Day 24 – Review

  • Review your next steps

Day 25 – Block Breaker

  • What are your deeper blocks?

Day 26 – Self Care

  • Reminding your body and brain it’s all okay

Day 27 – Next Steps

  • What happens next?

Day 28 – Take Your Next Step

  • Take your first step 🙂


Are You Ready To Get Started?



I can’t wait to welcome you 🙂

To your financial self care,


Rosie x