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Do You Have An Expenses Spreadsheet You Love?

Do You Have An Expenses Spreadsheet You Love?


It’s such a small thing, tracking your expenses.

And yet your expenses spreadsheet or accounting software is a core part of the money side of your business.

Firstly, you must do it, it’s a legal requirement.

Secondly, you can’t know how much money you’ve made or what you’ve spent if you don’t track all the costs in your business.

The Money Haven has had a simple expenses spreadsheet to download for free since the beginning in 2012 (then One Man Band Accounting).

It was time for an update to an expenses spreadsheet that is beautiful and a joy to look at, as well as being quick and easy to use.

The new Money Haven expenses spreadsheet is called Expenses Tracker as that sounds so much nicer and has gorgeous shades of old gold and forest green.

Why does it matter to use a beautiful expenses spreadsheet, tracker or accounting software?

Because when it’s beautiful you’ll want to use it more. You’ll feel good when you see it. You’ll gently completely change how you feel about the money side of your business.

When that happens, you’ll stop procrastinating as much, ease off the 3am freak outs, stop worrying whether you’re doing it right and enjoy feeling grounded about the money and tax return ‘bit’.

Have a look:


It’s nice and simple, so if you need an all bells and whistles tracker that tapdances on the table while doing complicated formulas, this isn’t the spreadsheet/tracker for you.

The Money Haven expenses spreadsheet helps you keep track of the costs in your business and for your tax return, so you have the numbers for your self assessment tax return and for your accounts (because the numbers on your tax return are different to how much profit you actually made).



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Do You Have An Expenses Spreadsheet You Love?


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