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I was interviewed over at Izzbox this week about how I use Google Drive with my clients.

‘What are the main benefits of switching to Google Docs Spreadsheets from a more traditional desktop spreadsheet package?

For simple sole trader accounts, it’s easier on Google Drive spreadsheet than a more traditional spreadsheet package. There are some functions (like SUM), but not too many so you accidentally press the wrong key and change data without realising. You can share your bookkeeping easily with your accountant, and if needed get help as you go along, and guidance and teaching as you go along – often in real time. I often do this with clients and it’s very helpful and time-efficient. There are also no operating system conflicts. I have a Mac and there are no issues with formatting for clients who have a PC – or for me, no issues for my accountant who has a PC when I have a Mac! It isn’t desktop dependent so clients can enter their data wherever they happen to be.

How much customisation is involved in setting up a Google Docs spreadsheet? Is it something someone with no bookkeeping/accounting experience can do?

Absolutely! Make it simple. [contd]’

To read more, hop over to Izzbox for the whole article.


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