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People Like You: Interview With Freelance PR Catherine Nestor


Support is crucial as a solopreneur, so on the blog today I’m interviewing Catherine Nestor.

Catherine is a freelance PR consultant in south London who runs Catherine Nestor PR.

We had a chat about her accounting style.

1. Tell us a bit about you, Catherine

I’ve been working in public relations for many years.  In 2012 I took the plunge and went freelance.

It was slow to get going but I am doing a really interesting health campaign right now.  Along the way I got much more confident about marketing myself on- and off-line so I hope that will help to keep work coming in.

2. How would you describe your accounting style?

I have to say my style is very simple.

I hope that’s because at the moment my accounts are quite straightforward and not because I’ve missed something crucial.  But I’m sure there are things I could do better.

3. What is your biggest motivator and challenge to getting your books done?

2014-01-13 00.13.07The thought of a carrier bag full of unsorted receipts and other paperwork with 31st January looming is enough to make me keep on top of it all.

I hate last-minute panics so I aim to keep everything up-to-date.

4. How do you keep your records?

I use Excel spreadsheets for sales and purchases and keep a log of all relevant business-related income and expenditure.

I got a nice folder for all the sorted bits of paper and I keep all the electronic receipts in one place on my laptop – backed up of course!

[Rosie: Gorgeous stationery for your accounts is a tax-deductible expense, so treat yourself!]

5. Could you share a good tip?

Friday Admin Is Time For Cake

Friday Admin Is Time For Cake

It’s probably not an original tip but I do set aside some time every Friday to deal with ‘admin’.

Even if there’s not much to do sometimes at least I am giving it some thought.

The time is booked in my diary so I’ve got no excuse.


CNTwitter_biggerCatherine is a south London based public relations consultant, working mainly with charity and public sector clients. Her real job is bringing up her daughter.  She loves running, yoga, cooking and gardening. Web: http://nestorpr.co.uk  Twitter: CatN101


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