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Grow your business: put yourself in the path of opportunities

Grow your business with planning

You need sales to enable your business to grow.

Planning is important, you know that, and so is the ability to be spontaneous.


Why planning puts you in the path of opportunities


I may have an accounting business, but I’ve never been one to do the obvious.

That’s why I focus on coaching.

Last year, I was at a geek networking event and was talking with Mozilla’s Sound Man about his professional sound/video kit.

We were approached by VisionOn TV asking for an interview.

This is when being at the event – planning – and spontaneous met.

Three very short minutes later, I’m doing a live to camera interview with one of Mozilla’s top people on a subject I just thought of with no post production editing.

Talk about nerve wracking!


Putting into practice the tips I’d learnt from watching my partner, a video/sound professional, this is what learning for business is all about.

From a sales perspective, it was a wonderful marketing opportunity to reach the one man bands in the tech community and show that I am on their wave length.


Why planning and spontaneity are needed to grow your business and your accounts

  • Planning gets you in the right place
  • Spontaneity gets you the opportunity
  • Both together as a strategy are powerful sales tools

6 Ways to Make Planning + Spontaneity = Accounts Time = You Time

  • Plan for the deadlines, like 31st January Self Assessment tax return deadline
  • Plan for a regular ‘records’ slot in your work diary where you get up to date, look at your sales, expenses, cash flow, profit margins
  • Plan to make that regular slot a ‘date’ with you and your sales
  • Make your date a regular special occasion  and wine and dine your accounting records with a cup of tea and a brownie
  • Spontaneously take time when the unexpected happens to get paperwork done
  • Those times you procrastinate, feel under the weather or can’t concentrate – use them for rhythm-like tasks such as sorting receipts and data entry

Your business will grow and opportunities increase if accounts time is ‘me time’ in your business.

If you’d like to know more about how to make accounts time more enjoyable for your business, contact me for a chat.

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