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Grow Your Own Accounting

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with my own words and opinions and an excuse for me to talk about my allotment, which I’ve been wanting to do for ages!



This – ladies, gentlemen, business owners, freelancers, bloggers and mad keen growers – is my pumpkin.

She has pride of place in my greenhouse and is called Polly.

Polly has a story to tell you about how she came into being and why her owner is so proud.


Let Me Tell You A Story

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a girl called Rosie. Rosie wanted a space to grow things in and she was very sad she didn’t have one.

Rosie’s idea of a good night out was a trip to a local, independent garden centre run by real plantspeople. Rosie bought plants she had no space for. Rosie tried growing plants near her living room window, as that was the only place she had.

Her plants died and Rosie was very sad.

Rosie’s partner decided to apply for an allotment. Rosie was overtaken with ‘it will never happen’ and couldn’t deal with with the 17 year waiting list so she hadn’t tried herself.

You know that feeling when you are so desperate for something you want you don’t try because it matters so much?

The Miracle Happens

One day Rosie was working from home as usual and her mobile rang.

‘We have an allotment!’


Yes, it was true.

TWO, count them, TWO years later and we were offered an allotment.

How is that for the universe stepping in? As soon as my partner said the words I knew something big had happened.

Grow Your Own Accounting

2014-04-26 12.10.16b

Our allotment was overgrown but I could see the potential.

It would take work, patience, not getting depressed and downcast when the learning curve was a bit too much that day.

I get on with it and get it done and enjoy the rewards.

This does have a lot in common with your business accounts and tax return.  Yes, really.

Hands up who admits defeat when the weeds come back (oh no, not MORE receipts, they’re never ending!)?

Hands up who gives up when something doesn’t work the way you meant it to?

Hands up who thinks it’s all their fault, and they’re not good at numbers, who can’t do this stuff, or is a mess at this kind of thing?

That you?

Well, like any grow your owner, it’s a learning curve. It’s about the journey.

You CAN do this thing.


Cinderella Had A Pumpkin & So Can You

10499387_10152171636656671_8959970673642908225_oYou don’t need a fairy godmother to grow your own pumpkin.

I did it from a seed I bought from Wilko’s.

Polly is a proud New England Pie pumpkin and she is half grown. That’s ripened to you and me.

How much do you love her striped detailing and patterned accents? Why aren’t fashion print designers getting into this?

A great reward for getting to grips with your accounts and tax return is eating your home grown pumpkin.

Pumpkin Ideas:

  • Roast, steam, bake
  • Roast the seeds with a little oil and chilli
  • Mash roast pumpkin and use in pumpkin cake (vegan recipe here including uses for your home grown carrots)

Of course you need a fabulous cake stand for your pumpkin cake, and pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bars and pumpkin buns.

Betta Living have rather delightful ones. I do love an excuse to buy a cake stand.

And the best news, I have 3 other pumpkin plants 🙂


Do you grow your own or have an allotment?

Do you love to reward yourself with home grown produce?



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