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How To Hire A VA And Get Your Life Back

How To Hire A VA And Get Your Life Back

A virtual assistant is a blessed angel of the business world.

He or she will enable you to have a profitable business AND have a life. They do the things you don’t choose to do, leaving you able to get on with your business.

There are lots of kinds of virtual assistants (VAs). Here are a few of the most useful:

The Admin VA

The admin VA can do everything from typing to answering the phone. This is the core of taking work off you to release time you can spend on clients or yourself.

The core of your business needs to be systemised so it can run without you and an admin VA is the easiest way to get started.

Sue Cliff, Emma Windsor, Caroline Deayton and Madeleine Forbes are all brilliant and offer different services with different styles. They are a good way to compare what a good fit for you may look like.

The Social Media VA

Social media VAs do the heavy lifting of your social media.

It’s important they don’t do everything as you’re you, not a corporate brand. Social media has a reputation for taking too much time, which only happens if you let it and don’t have smart work flows.

You need to be on social media as it’s a great way to be found via Ms Google. A social media VA can help you create and maintain profiles that fit you and your business (and yes, that may mean few updates – or on it a lot, both are good).

Try Holly Worton or Samantha Russell.

The WordPress VA

My new best friend is my WordPress VA, Rosemarie Gant.

She takes the raw draft of a blog post I send her, creates a new post, does the formatting, sorts the photo(s), solves the WordPress weird stuff that always happens (you know what I mean, right?), and hey presto, from draft to publish the time I spend is reduced by 75%.

She can even sort out the back end and change code. Comments plugins not playing nicely, I am talking to you.

The Accounts VA

This person is the middle wo/man between your accounts records in their raw state (think receipts, statements, invoices) and your accountant or you doing your tax return. They do the data entry painful bit.

I believe it’s important you understand what you need to do and why you need to do it (that’s where I come in). Once that’s done, outsourcing can save you a ton of time.

Just make sure you give yourself the cake as reward even if you aren’t physically doing the job yourself. It’s still your responsibility after all. Kate Anstree is an accounts VA who can help you.

The Declutterer And Organiser

Do you feel drowned in paper?

A professional declutterer or organiser can come to your (home) office and help you sort through it all. It can be a liberating experience getting rid of what you don’t need with the peace of mind of knowing you are keeping what you do need.

Caroline Rogers offers a Financial Systems Declutter service or search the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers directory for details of someone near you.

What To Do Next

If you aren’t sure how to go about hiring a VA or what a VA could help you with, have a look at the ebook How To Hire A VA And Get Your Life Back.

Co-authored by my VA, Emma Windsor, it covers everything you need to know. Read more or

What difference has your VA made to your life?



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