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Home working boundaries

work-from-home-wisdom-badge-240x240I was interviewed by Judy Heminsley over at Work From Home Wisdom about how I maintain boundaries between work and home life since I work from home.

It was also one of her most read and commented on posts of 2012!

‘How do you keep work separate from your personal and home life?

Determination to make it work. I use a lot of rules and tools. Rules like, ‘the sofa is home space except in emergencies’, the (shared) desk is ‘the office’, the tulip mug is only to be used by me and only when working and it has a special place in the cupboard away from the home mugs. Tools are apps like Focus Booster, a Pomodoro Technique app which I use to separate work and fun. It’s very easy to end up always in work mode in your head, and that isn’t good for anyone.

What would be your ideal home working set-up?

I’d like an office boudoir at the end of the garden with its own herb garden and a covered walkway to the house. Inside, an office kitchen with plants, sound proofing and lots of windows and space. That should do [contd]’


To read more, hop over to Work From Home Wisdom for the whole article.

Please note, I have changed my business name and altered my services slightly since the post was originally published.


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