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How My Desk Supports Me To Achieve My Goals

We all have a desk when we’re working on our business.

Whether it be your lap, the kitchen table, a corner of your bedroom (that’s me) or a separate room, it’s your working space.

I’m sharing what my desk looks like and how what I have on it supports me to achieve my goals.


Have A Reward On Your Desk For Achieving Your Goal

You already know I’m a big fan of rewards for doing your tax return and fulfilling your legal obligations (cake!).

Centre stage on my desk is a bottle of sparkling wine from Bluebell Vineyard in Sussex.

I bought it at the vineyard on a sunny September day and every time I look up I remember that beautiful day and the freedom of having my own business that enabled me to have the opportunity of being there.

It’ll be opened the day after my first retreat for One Man Band Accounting, a dream I’ve had for a decade. The retreat is next week and it’s almost time to get the wine on ice and the glassed out 🙂

The sparkling wine (which I call champagne) is there:

  • To remind me of my achievement
  • Remind me how far I’ve come on my journey that this retreat is only the first of many
  • To remind me to self care. That afterwards I celebrate, I recognise the achievement of my goal for the amazing thing it is and I look after myself

When your reward is something you can’t actually keep on your desk, keep a token of it there instead (e.g. a photo of the Eiffel Tower if a weekend in Paris is your reward).


Have A Reminder On Your Desk Of A Key Element Of Your Dream

It’s so important to keep focus of what action you need to take to achieve your goal. Just like you need to keep records so you can do your tax return.

On the far left of my desk is the meetings brochure for Gravetye Manor, the venue for my first retreat, Demystify Limited Companies.

I found Gravetye Manor when I saw it on Gardeners’ World. I was heading down that direction for a birthday party and decided to take a look. I loved it immediately and when I saw their outdoor gazebo, I knew I had found my retreat location, which wasn’t at all in my plans at that point.

You can see why I love it.

I asked for a tour, I asked for a brochure, and 6 months later, here I am hosting my first retreat of many in this gorgeous location.

Keep a physical reminder of a key part of action related to your goal on your desk.

On days when I’ve felt dis-spirited, I look at the brochure on my desk and I remember the warm sunshine, the scent of the flowers, the hum of the bees, the feeling of complete relaxation and tranquility – and I keep going and do what I need to do.


Have Money On Your Desk To Keep Focus On Your Foundations

Money is why you have a business.

Without it, you have a hobby. The definition of a business is an intention to make profit.

You need to have your money in order, your tax return and accounts in order, your money mindset in order. (And yes, it’s a journey, no-one has everything in order all of the time #noshame).

It’s more of a destination and you keep improving, so no need to feel bad if you’re not there yet.

I have my business debit card and bank security gadget on my desk to keep me focused on my money mindset goals. It’s not that the rest isn’t important, it’s more that for me, I know that focusing my attention on my money blocks improves those and everything else too.

Now is a good time to get support understanding your limited company or doing your tax return if you’re a sole trader.


Have ‘The Bigger Picture’ On Your Desk

You know those days when you get lost in your to-do list and the next thing you know it’s the end of the day and you don’t feel like you’ve achieved anything?

How about when you keep pushing through until you’ve actually fallen over if you were paying enough attention to notice? (it’s called ‘keeping checking social media and email’ and ‘difficulty relaxing and switching off)

The framed image on the right of my desk is a greetings card I really love.

‘The basis of many relationships is unbridled passion’

It applies to us and our business as much as it does to a couple. Having a business means being there through thick and thin, whether it’s a vintage swimsuit in a cold English sea as much as your best bikini on a tropical beach with your laptop.

It also means loving your business and adoring its little foibles, its imperfections, its little personality quirks that make it the thing it is right now.

It’s also a big fat reminder to keep the big picture in mind when we drown in our to-do list. When that happens to me, I look up and remember to pay attention to the little things, what really matters, and often it’s not my to-do list.

As an extra bonus, the framed greetings card reminds me of the support I have in my life and to be grateful for it being there.


Have Clarity On Your Desk

The cards on my desk are oracle cards. I didn’t know much about them and wasn’t interested to be honest until I heard Joanna Hennon talk about how she uses them.

When I heard it was more about practical focused business planning than funfair fortune telling, I got interested and bought a set I liked.

The cards I have on my desk are left to right: The Queen, Wealth, The Deer.

The Queen

This card I pulled after Joanna challenged me to be the leader I was born to be. It’s been part of my identity since a small child, and for various reasons, I ignored it.

The Queen is feminine power so up it went on my desk as a many-times-a-day reminder of the commitment I made to myself after my session with Joanna.


A lot of pieces have been coming together in the past few months (it’s been quite an emotional rollercoaster!).

One of the major pieces is I know now how my big vision and where I am now are going to come together. I asked for support and accountability and that is written on a piece of paper with the card I pulled next to it. Wealth 🙂

Wealth has already happened as I feel much more whole as a person now and that sense of peace is wonderful. It’s not only wealth in a money sense.

The Deer

This is the card I pulled for this month. It helps keep me focused on a theme I want. The deer means gentleness and so this month I am being gentle with myself and resting more than I usually allow myself.


You could argue why have cards for these things. I found that the process of being still and then pulling a card has helped so much with clarity and focus.

I’ve achieved a lot more, and felt better doing it, as a result. I’m not second guessing myself whether I’m ‘doing the right thing’. There isn’t anything on the cards that won’t help me, and it’s my interpretation, so it’s all good. (These are what I use)


I hope my guide to what I have on my desk has helped and inspired you.

Do you have a desk that supports you to achieve your goals?

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