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How To Do Your Tax Return course


The course is only available as part of:

Fast Track Your Tax Return In 7 Days/

Tax Return Group Coaching



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How To Do Your Tax Return


This course is the most exciting thing to happen to your business since you made your first client.

Even better than a slice of double fudge cake (ok, maybe almost as good).


Are you:

  • Wondering what you’re meant to do with the tax return request HMRC kindly sent you
  • Confused at the information out there and overwhelmed which of it is for you
  • Wasting a lot of time finding out what you need to do
  • Want someone to put it all into one handy package you can work through at your own pace
  • Desperately needing a sense of humour and cake, and wine wouldn’t go amiss either

I hear you.

Let’s get this tax return business ticked off your To Do list shall we?


How To Do Your Own Tax Return



A 6 Module Course To Your Inbox:


  • Module 1: Records

  • Module 2: Income

  • Module 3: Expenses

  • Module 4: Capital Items

  • Module 5: Self Assessment

  • Module 6: Outsourcing

Each module will be handily in your inbox each week, or you can download the whole course instantly.

I cover what you need to know, so you can relax and just get on with it.

No more wasted time spent googling and pulling your hair out trying to find the information that’s appropriate for your business.

2 Tax Return Online Retreats (hello self care):

  • Do your tax return in your own home with the support of others doing it with you at the same time
  • The peace of mind of having me on hand to ask questions
  • Accountability to get it done
  • Sharing how fabulous you are when you’ve done it and how you’re going to celebrate!
  • Join us for either or both, join for the whole day or dip in and out, it’s completely up to you
  • Dates in October/November and January
  • Totally chilling out once you’re done for another year

Lots Of Resources:


  • My famous Tax Return Toolkit (worth £49)
  • The Essential Guide to Home Working Expenses (worth £1.99)
  • The Essential Guide to Travel Expenses (worth £1.99)
  • Income spreadsheet
  • Expenses spreadsheet
  • Tax return checklist
  • Capital item ‘cheat’ sheet

It’s not just about the course 🙂

You also get basic spreadsheets, a checklist and guides for the more tricky bits to help you through step by step, nice and easy.

Plus my famous Tax Return Toolkit with more in depth information perfect for your business, not a plumber’s or an electrician’s.

You need help for what you do, not wading through yet more info about a business nothing like yours.

And because it’s not all about on your own, you also get:

Private Facebook group with monthly live Q&A.


Bonuses (hello self care):

I want to help you even more so I’ve added some extras.

  • Money systems audit checklist
  • Track your stats spreadsheet
  • How to use essential oils for your tax return
  • 3 teas to help you focus, give you a boost and calm you down
  • Money mindset resources
  • Rosie’s secret brownie recipe

It’s easy to feel swamped by your tax return the first few times (or after!) so I’ve included money mindset and business support resources for that little bit extra.
I’ve jam-packed this course with goodness while making it easy to understand in manageable chunks to do at your own pace (or all at once if you have a deadline or you prefer to work more quickly).

And cake of course.


How To Do Your Tax Return




Facebook group




The course is only available as part of:

 Fast Track Your Tax Return In 7 Days/Tax Return Group Coaching



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Who am I?

  • I’ve had several businesses, so I’ve been in your shoes
  • I’ve helped hundreds of people like you understand their tax returns successfully
  • I’m a guest expert on the Free Range Humans Mini MBA from bestselling author Marianne Cantwell
  • I’m a big fan of cake and practical help you can trust in language you understand


Start your business, help you do your sole trader tax return, expenses, explaining limited companies.

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