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Time To Invest or Time To Sit Back?

2014-05-20 18.25.20

As a business owner, it can be hard to know when to invest and push forward, and when to sit back and relax.

I’ve been pushing forward and investing a lot in my business for the past 6 months. I admit I over did it.

I am also proud of myself for recognising that I didn’t make a mistake in the number of challenges I took on and just HOW FREAKIN’ FAR I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and into pure terror (to be honest).

Sleep-deprived (yes, you, upstairs neighbour, thanks for that), new allotment (what I have wanted for years and 2 1/2 years of neglect needs time and energy), an ill father in law, and taking massive action on a lot of my major fears, have all added up to a tired Rosie. It’s only now as I am in the my second week of resting I realise just how exhausted I am.

Which is good.

We may be fabulous but that doesn’t mean we can see into the future and be perfect all the time.

It can be difficult to know in advance what is too much. How much do we commit to? I know I don’t like breaking commitments. On the other hand, when an opportunity we have worked for arrives, I know I’m not going to say, no, thank you, I’m tired this month.

(One of those opportunities was writing for The High Tea Cast. Just between us, I have been stalking them for months waiting for my chance. Now I’m their new General Features writer. Woohoo!)

I know I am good at the pushing part of the balance. I am not so good at the letting go and flow part.

Emma Cossey of The Freelance Lifestyle and I were having a chat about blogging conference Blognix, which happened in mid June, and which we were both speakers at. She had the brilliant idea of writing an e-course to help bloggers understand how monetising their blogs affects their taxes and how to turn their blogs into a business.

Well, I didn’t need to invest a lot there did I? No time in a coffee shop thinking up ideas for courses. It happened from sitting back and allowing flow.

From Blog To Business

The second brilliance was from fashion business owner and blogger Sarah Betty Andrews. I’m speaking at blogging festival Blogstock in August and her suggested title for my workshop is pure genius. Another score for allowing flow!

Writing an e-course and speaking titles are important and I invest a lot of time and mental energy into them. You probably do the same. (Or maybe you don’t over-do it!)

It comes from childhood lessons like it often does.

I learnt that if something was important I needed to put my life on hold for it. You’ll notice that isn’t very healthy although it took me years to realise what was going on. The flip side of this unwanted learning is that nothing of value can be gained if it doesn’t take over my life.

I say to you, you unwanted Getting In My Way belief, POOF!

POOF, I say! I hereby evict you from my brain and of all the brains you inhabit without permission.


Ahhhh, that’s better.

Sometimes investing is sitting back and allowing the flow to take over. To be.

Underneath, you know when to push forward past fears and when to sit back and flow.

Are you listening?


From Blog For Business 30 Day Challenge

This week’s lesson for me has been investing in my business can be sitting back and relaxing.

It doesn’t need to feel hard, it doesn’t need to feel difficult. It can feel free and easy and comfortable. It doesn’t mean that work isn’t involved, but who invented the term ‘hard work’ has a lot to answer for.

What is wrong with ‘easy work’ when we spend time in flow and in comfort working on what’s needed to open doors for ourselves and our business?

One of my main roles is helping my clients to transform how they feel about their money and taxes. So it’s in flow, it’s easy, it feels good. Opening up that flow to the foundations of your business opens up your entire business future.

My ‘From Blog To Business 30 Day Challenge’ helps bloggers to build the right financial foundations, for themselves, their future business, and to have peace of mind that HMRC won’t come running after them for undeclared income. It’s only a matter of time before HMRC notices a lot of bloggers are monetising their blogs. If that sounds good to you, join my mailing list to get the launch price of £9.99, only available to my list.

I’d love feedback from bloggers for what to include so please contact me if you’d be interested in talking with me and your blog may get a mention in the course.


Why The Photograph Of Angelina Jolie, Stylist Magazine And A Pot Of Mint Tea?

Taking time for yourself is key to being able to make judgments about what is right to invest and what is right to sit back and flow.

If your head is on high alert, your brain in a tension confusion, and you allow yourself to be in permanent overwhelm, you won’t make the right judgment calls.

Be calm and clear. You need that time.

This photograph is my reminder to myself of the balance and how it is the keystone of my business. Angelina Jolie is a successful businesswoman whose high visibility and refusal to be be put down has made a real difference. She’s also all woman.

The powerful combination of Stylist, a magazine for stylish women focused on all round support and achievement, taking time for myself (mint tea), and a global role model for getting out there and being your thing (Jolie) is what I hold to on down days.

Action: How do you look after yourself So You Know When To Invest & When To Sit Back?

Would you recognise when Investing In Your Flow Is Easy?







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