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15 Ways To Celebrate Money In Your Business

Do you check your recurring expensesDo you celebrate little moments of joy?


Do You Celebrate Little Moments Of Joy In Your Business?


Or do you move straight onto the next thing?

The next client?

The next task on your To Do list.

Do you update your expenses tracker and forget to celebrate the income?

Here are 15 ways you can celebrate little moments of joy in your business.


Celebrate The Joy


  1. Every. Single. Sale
  2. Every tax-deductible expense or capital item
  3. Fabulous working from home expenses allowance
  4. Every. Single. Client
  5. That moment you’ve finished your tax return for the year
  6. When you realise one day you’ve stopped taking your money blocks so personally
  7. Every time you’re up to date with your record keeping
  8. The sisterhood of women who support you
  9. Every Time You Pay Yourself
  10. Speaking up
  11. Realising how far you’ve come and sharing your experience to support other women
  12. That adulting moment when your business pays tax for the first time or uplevels to a limited company
  13. When you chase an outstanding invoice, and just do it with no anxiety
  14. When you make it easy for clients to pay you or offer direct debit
  15. Because you’re you and who needs another reason?
  16. (Rosie Bonus) In the photo: Making sun mint tea on your allotment on a weekday because you can (contact me for the recipe)



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Do You Celebrate The Little Moments Of Joy?


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