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How To Have An Annual Business Money Review

Do You Love Your Business Money?

Come on, be honest, it’s just us.

Do you really truly hand on heart LOVE your business money?

Not just the delicious income, but your expenses, your cash flow, your record keeping, how often and how much you pay yourself, how you receive money, sending invoices, bank transactions, bank accounts, and those wonderful payment fees.

Is it so delicious you want to put it in a big box and wrap it up in a fabulously large bow and give it to yourself – because you are so proud of how you feel about your business money?

Maybe elements of that, probably mostly not though I’m betting.

Which is a bit sad really.

Most of us don’t run our businesses for profit. By that I mean there are other reasons for our business than only profit.

But to use a phrase, it’s so easy and so common to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

To have a business where you don’t love the money side, where you don’t know what goes out, what goes in, how much you pay yourself and how much money you make (profit margin).

It’s not you though. Money is usually how mucky emotional stuff comes out. It happens to everyone.

So let’s get to some easy practical actions you can take, and I promise they’re gentle.

Do You Believe You Can Love Your Money?

Be honest with yourself.

There are so many anti-money messages going around, it’s super common to feel that you must feel uncomfortable around money.

To feel bad at it.

This comes up most with the money side of your business.

Feeling your tax return needs to be perfect or HMRC will come round to your house with a big whip and beat you in front of the neighbours.

What’s the reality?

You’re required to be honest and ‘take reasonable care’. That means doing what you’re already doing, which is paying attention, keeping your bank statements and not lying about your income.

For filling in information gaps like what to do with your expenses and feeling comfortable with the tax return process, search the blog posts on this site or you can sign up for Tax Return Success, my group support programme with online course and recorded group calls.

What’s key is slowly turning around those negative beliefs that bad things will happen if you get better and better with the money side of your business.

I have clients who have new businesses, those making a loss, a few hundred in profit or a quarter of a million, and you’d be surprised how much they have in common.

A desire to ease themselves into a fulfilling sustainable gentle love of their business finances.

It’s saying yes that matters, so try it.

Do You Believe You Can Pay Yourself Properly And Be A Good Girl?

Were you trained as a child to do what was expected and not make a fuss?

Me too.

And how many times does that mean making do?

Making do in your business looks like:

  • Doing nothing about not understanding what you need to do
  • Running away from the money jargon you need to know (like profit margin and drawings/dividends)
  • Not understanding how you pay yourself if you have a limited company
  • Not paying yourself enough full stop
  • Not knowing how much you pay yourself
  • Paying yourself irregularly and badly

It’s looking after yourself. It’s self care. It’s loving yourself by loving the money in your business and sorting out your finances.

Start with an expenses review or paying yourself review.

You can do this yourself or if you need your hand holding and accountability, I can help.

Expenses Review

It’s easy to do an expenses review.

Get your expenses for the last year (or month if that’s friendlier). Go through them making a note of which ones feel good and which don’t feel good.

That’s it.

I know it seems a bit airy fairy, but the goal is to feel better and friendlier about your expenses rather than an exercise in accounting.

As you feel closer and more connected to your expenses, you can go deeper.

Try the free Self Care For Your Biz Finances Retreat or the 28 Day Challenge.

Or if it’s tax return time, get more details about Tax Return Success, with online course and group support calls.

Paying Yourself Review

For a paying yourself review, you go through your bank statements for the past year noting when you paid yourself and how much.

How do you feel about it?

What would you like?

What could you do right now to get a bit closer?

That’s it.

It’s tiny steps in the right direction, nice and gentle.

It’s mindset work with focus on the actual money in your actual business. What you’re doing is proper grown up money Work in your business (especially if if adulting is a thing in your life).

I spent a day at a spa with a client recently looking at how much she paid herself and when and made a plan for her next steps. It’ll be 12 months before those steps are completed so she now has a step by step plan for the next year that’s easy and clear for her to achieve in comfort.

Cause to be honest with you, I’m a bit over it being a struggle, you know?

I’ll work super hard to get past my blocks while forgetting that often the lesson I need to learn is letting go of it being hard and allowing easy and gentle in.

How To Start Loving Your Business Money

You can do the Expenses Review and Paying Yourself Review yourself, with a friend or we can do it together on a recorded Zoom call or while eating cake.

If you feel you’re connecting to work with me, book a call with me for free and we’ll have a chat about what’s working and not working for you and how I can help.

If you’re doing it yourself, I recommend muting your phone and distractions to give yourself (and the universe) the message that this is important. Or you can go to a cake shop, which is one of my favourites (hence why I go there with half day clients).

Doing it with a friend is a great idea or why not join the Self Care For Your Business Finances retreat and post in the Facebook group?

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Do You Believe You Can Love Your Business Money?

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