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3 Ways To Have Fun With Your Money Admin

It's all about having more fun with your money admin

3 Ways To Have Fun With Your Money Admin


Money admin tasks are possibly the most put-off, procrastinated, resisted and do-another-day tasks in a business.

There are logical reasons like needing more understanding and not knowing where to start or what to do (I can help).

There are emotional reasons like fear of getting it wrong, lack of confidence, adulting resistance, anxiety about having ‘a proper business’ and fear of growth and success (I can help).

A great place to start is having more fun with money admin.


3 Ways To Have Fun With Your Money Admin


1. Change How You Feel


Let me tell you a story.

When I was 5 I went to school one day and the class was doing baking in the afternoon.

We were making biscuits.

You can imagine it can’t you, 30 5-year-olds all under the care of one teacher!

We had our pinnies on (aprons to non-Northerners) and were covered in flour, as we measured, stirred, and baked.

I remember home time going out to meet my mummy all jumping around and proud of the biscuits I’d made.

It gives you the warm fuzzies doesn’t it?

Now imagine if I’d been worried and anxious about making the biscuits.

Imagine if I’d been worried about the mess and how flour got everywhere.

Imagine if I’d been worried about doing it wrong.

That’s a completely different feeling and those biscuits wouldn’t have tasted so good, and I wouldn’t have been so excited and feeling so good about it.

Now ask yourself a question.

Which is most like how you do your money admin?

Do you feel excited or do you dread it?

Start introducing some fun into money admin tasks and over time, you’ll completely change how you feel.

It won’t happen over night, but it can happen within a shorter time than you might imagine, especially when you get a taste of how fabulous it feels to feel free of that horrible heavy feeling (you know the one? It often sneaks into your brain at 3am).

  • Light a candle while you do your money admin
  • Play some music you love
  • Have a cup of your favourite tea or coffee
  • Get some support and accountability (I can help)
  • Play Abraham Hicks videos while you do the tasks
  • Own the space! Make no apologies for covering your entire space with receipts if you need the full area to sort them easily (I cover the sofa and the entire floor)

One of my clients added her brand colours to her spreadsheets, another added photos of her favourite crystals. You might want to change the word spreadsheet to ‘tracker’ (I did that with my free Expenses Tracker).

Play around and see what you like.


2. Add A Little Luxury


I have one word for you.


Reward, reward, reward, reward.

You might outsource almost everything or you may do almost all yourself.

There is always money admin for you to do and that includes billionaires like Oprah and JK Rowling.

Taking responsibility is something that can never be outsourced and I won’t work with someone if they want me to solve everything for them.

Stepping up and taking responsibility for the money side of your business is so important and that’s why you need to reward yourself for doing so.


What does responsibility look like?


(You can call it adulting if you like)

Think of something you really love and treat yourself every time you take responsibility for the money side of your business.

Every single time.

And accountability and support. It makes such a big difference because the biggest reward of all is allowing yourself to stop struggling.

If you need help to get started, contact me and let’s have a chat or join my free Self Care For Your Biz Finances Retreat.


3. Create A Good Feeling Environment


What does your money admin paperwork/electronic paper work look like?

Do you have everything in beautiful folders you love or are they cast about all over the place?

Something as simple as having a way of keeping receipts that gives you a little jump of joy every time can make a huge difference.

This can be an automated system or receipts in a gorgeous box – whatever feels easiest and most fun.

Fun may seem like a strange word to use for putting receipts in a beautiful box but it is. It’s allowing yourself to give the basics of the money side of your business the attention they deserve and the attention YOU deserve.

Creating a good feeling environment is an easy way of changing how you feel about your money admin so it’s something you get a kick out of doing because you know every task is a little bit of you looking after your money.


11 easy ways to start creating a good feeling environment for your money admin


  • Beautiful stationery, eg. lever arches, pens, folders, envelopes, boxes (and they’re tax-deductible)
  • Organise your electronic ‘paperwork’ using filters so you know where everything is
  • Automate back ups so you can relax
  • Start using an income tracker and expense tracker (click the link to download one for free)
  • Try out accounting software to see if it suits you
  • Choose a special area for your money admin and keep it clean and tidy (I have a beautiful pine bathroom storage stool that’s the perfect size for A4 files)
  • Separate your business money from your personal money (bank accounts) (Paypal)
  • If you’re into feng shui, find the money area in your home and keep your admin there
  • If you’re into crystals, add a crystal to your money admin folder or storage box
  • Declutter what you don’t need
  • Delete and shred a year’s worth of records at the start of every new tax year (you only need to keep records for 7 tax years). Perfect for spring as the new tax year starts on 6 April
  • If you have a new business, and even if you don’t, what environment do you want your money admin to enjoy? What would make you feeling really good? Create a list and then tick one item off


More fun means more connection with the money side of your business, more energy that isn’t being spent on putting it off, more time as you do tasks faster and easier as it’s fun.

It’s often not the same kind of fun as enjoying a walk in a bluebell wood or watching a good film.

It’s the kind of fun when you feel proud of yourself for having a good feeling money environment and money admin that flows in your business.

And that’s the kind of feeling that starts businesses off right, that grows businesses and that prepares business for the next level.


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How Do You Put The Fun Into Your Money Admin?


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