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Break Through Your Money Blocks

(This is especially for you if you want to start freelancing, go to the next level, or are sick and tired of being stressed about money and you’ve finally had enough dammit!)


Hands up who wants to have more money in your life?

*Raises hand*

Hands up who feels frustrated because of the blocks you have in your head stopping you getting there?

*Raises hand*

The nearest thing you’ll ever get to a winning lottery ticket and a magic wand is to know what your money blocks are and to break through them.

Part of my service to my tribe is to help you with fear of accounts, tax and money and to support you gaining confidence and peace of mind.

Linda Anderson helped me hugely with my money blocks and how I feel about money in my life.

My income has doubled since I started working with her and my confidence and sense of peace has tripled.

I asked Linda if she would write a post for you with her bestest advice and tips.

She’s even included free resources so you have no excuses not to start helping yourself right away. How’s that for a fab present?


Break Through Your Money Blocks

If you’re anything like me you like to make sure you’re feeling calm, grounded and in full possession of your adult resources before you make big financial decisions, right?

And deciding to go freelance or taking it to the next level is one big, hairy decision!

What if I told you that you have hidden pieces of programming in you, installed in childhood without your permission, that are blocking your money, blocking your savings, sabotaging your income and creating your debt?

Would you be curious to uncover that?

Would You Like To Know If You Have A 6 Year Old Running Your Finances?

Neurons that fire together, wire together, especially in the early years of life.

Picture yourself as a child of 6 or 7 in the house where you lived.

Let your mind paint the picture in as much detail as possible, including the sights, sounds and smells.

Notice how you feel.

Now let your parents enter the room.

They’re discussing Money, talking about the bills.

  • What’s the atmosphere in the room now your parents are there?
  • What are they feeling about Money and about each other – what do their faces look like, what do their voices sound like?
  • What is the Younger You feeling as she watches them talking? What emotions are getting wired into her nervous system to connect with Money? (what I often hear from clients here is a lot about worry, anger, sadness, manipulation, betrayal, disappointment)
  • What specific limiting beliefs is Younger You inheriting from that environment?
  • And what meanings does she give to all of this? (ask her, she will likely surprise you)

Now notice how far your reaction to Money in adult life today mirrors what was going on in that picture.

For the vast majority of people I’ve worked with on their money blocks, there’s a lot of really intense emotion in this picture.

The similarity with how they behave in their money today is striking, no matter what the numbers in their bank account.


Why You Need To Know Your Inner 6 Year Old And Work With Her

All the stuff that happened back then dropped an invisible and impenetrable glass ceiling onto your income.

It makes you sabotage and push money away above the level that feels safe and familiar.

If you don’t find a way to clear this old nervous system programming, nothing in your financial picture is going to change.

[Rosie: Bummer! Better sort it out then]

Do you push money away, are you saying you don’t deserve all those fivers?

Or are you saying fivers, I want fifties!

What is your inner 6 year old saying?

Are you secretly terrified Bad Things Will Happen if you get fifties?

Have your money blocks have been stopping you fully monetising your freelancing or blog, keeping you in a job you hate to pay the bills, or you’ve had your eye on that statement piece for ages but you never seem to have the spare cash (shoes! Chanel!), no matter how hard you work?

It could be time to try a different approach.

Tapping (EFT) is a great way to change the picture, remove the inner glass ceiling and re-wire for success

[Rosie: I used it during those government meetings in the discreet way Linda taught me].

It’s Time For You To Break Through Your Money Blocks

What did you discover in that visualisation about Money and you, that you hadn’t seen before? 

Head over here to grab your free copy of the money blocks audit I use with clients and share how it’s worked for you.

If your inner 6 year old is having a screaming fear tantrum at the very idea of a money blocks audit, calm her with free resource How To Tap For Stress.

Do you have any tips for clearing your out-dated programming away?


Linda Anderson is an EFT/Tapping expert working with freelancers who know they have something valuable to offer, but are just not comfortable talking about it or charging for it.

Linda teaches how to re-wire for success, so they can get more clients, increase their income doing what they love – and they don’t have to settle for less by getting a job just to pay the bills.


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