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What You Loved: Most Popular of 2015

I love round up articles.

I love revisiting articles I loved, articles I missed and those I meant to read and never got around to.

2015 was my second year blogging and I’m proud of my writing here. I work hard to write posts you’ll want to read, are easy to learn from, make you smile and take action.

These are my top 12 most popular articles of 2015.


The 2015 One Man Band Accounting Top 12


Way ahead of anything else, the juggernaut that is my article on EU VAT was the most popular of 2015.

It’s not surprising since I was co-founder of the campaign convincing the EU to amend the law. I am so proud of what we – and everyone helping us – have achieved and it’s one of my lifetime best experiences.

EU VAT Changes 2015 – What You Can Do


2. Sole Trader Or Limited Company

The basics are often the best, and this little beauty of an article takes you step by step through whether your business is a sole trader or a company (and what the difference is).

Are I A Sole Trader Or A Limited Company?


3. Expenses

Expenses are often what we spend the most time on when doing our tax return.

This cracker of an article is a roundup of my expenses articles. So handy to bookmark them all in one place.

Freelance Expenses Roundup

How To Do Your Tax Return course gives you more in-depth information guiding you through your tax return step by step.

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4. Starting A Business

Starting A Business is an exciting time and can also feel like a rollercoaster.

This article is my go-to for new freelancers and businesses.

Starting A Business As A Freelancer

Start Your Business course gives you more in-depth information guiding you step by step through the tax and accounting side of starting a business.

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5. Accounting Software

When you want to explore accounting software, where do you start? Right here.

I explain the different types, whether they’ll work in the cloud or on a Mac, and which are most suitable if you’re a limited company or a sole trader.

The Ultimate Guide To Accounting Software


6. Business Banking

Banking is an ever popular subject.

Do you need a business bank account? My 6th most popular article of 2015 takes you through your options.

Can I Use My Personal Bank Account for Business?





7. Dividend Changes For Limited Companies

Dividends have been hideously complicated for years.

If you have a limited company, or will have one in the future, you need to read this.

Big Changes For How You’re Paid As A Limited Company



8. Money Blocks

We all have money blocks getting in the way of money flowing towards us.

Dissolve those obstacles to higher profits and more money in your life by reading, and acting on, the resources in my money blocks article.

Break Through Your Money Blocks



9. Networking Expenses

Networking expenses are one of the trickier expenses to get right.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what is tax-deductible. This article puts you straight and helps you make choices so as much as possible is tax-deductible.

Claiming Networking Expenses



10. Save Money on Charges

Saving money. It’s a good thing (more to spend on cake).

Bank and Paypal charges can eat into your income and reduce your profits.

This stonker of an article guides you through the 5 key areas where you pay fees, so you can root out places where you hand over cash in fees and do something about it.

5 Ways To Save Money on Bank & Paypal Charges


11. Calculating Your Legal Risk

Making the decision about being a sole trader or limited company is one of the key decisions in your business.

Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it feels daunting, especially if you’ve been frightened by someone telling you you’ll lose your house if you’re not a limited company.

This is one of my key articles and guides you through the risks involved so you can make a decision that’s right for you.

Sole Trader Or Limited Company, What’s The Risk?


12. Home Working Expenses

Home working expenses are a frequently missed magic pot of tax deductible loveliness.

This article takes you through what you can claim and what you can’t from the perspective of a gentleman called Mr J Bond setting up his new business selling bespoke spy services.

The Guide to Home Working Expenses

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Getting Started

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