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What You Need To Do Before You Quit Your Job To Start A Business

Quitting your job and working full time for your own business, freelancing or blog.

It’s the dream, right?

Full time, part time, flexible time. On your sofa, in a cafe, on a beach, in a boardroom. Your success, your way.

Scary though, isn’t it?

You can do it. Thousands have before you, and done it their way (which may not be the way you know, or your friends, family or university careers advisor knows. Or the government for that matter).

What You Must Do Before You Quit Your Job

You can always have a tantrum and quit in front of your boss vowing never to return. Then crawl back later for your job as you had no clue what you were doing.

(Have I got that little fear out in the open now? Excellent).

Personally, I am a big fan of tantrums. It’s why private groups on Facebook with supportive people were invented.

But seriously, you’re an adult. There are some things you need to do before you quit your job and calmly walk away leaving your boss dumbfounded because you don’t need your job any more.

Follow my guide, follow the links, download and invest in the resources and share with us the day you tell your boss goodbye.

You ready?

1. You FIRST

Let’s get clear here. If you want to stay where you’re at, stop reading right now. I’m not here to pretend you won’t need to sort out that icky stuff about yourself you’d like to pretend isn’t there.

Yes. That icky stuff. The icky stuff that tells you that you don’t really need to delve into ‘your emotional self’ and all that bullshit. Stop running, we know it’s there. That’s because everyone is shit scared, just like you are. The difference is what you do with it.

Allow me to introduce Spiffy.

Spiffy is a gentle kitten who needs warmth, shelter and cuddles. He needs to know you love him and you value oh-so-much his specialness even when he tears up your Jimmy Choos and pees on your White Company sofa.

He’s a cat so you know he’ll grow up to be an independent-minded do-his-own-thing kinda guy. The kind who runs his life the way he wants to.

For now though, he’s a vulnerable kitten who needs nurturing.

Spiffy is you.

If you want to escape the corporate cage, underearning, living someone else’s life, you need to put yourself FIRST.

You wouldn’t hurt Spiffy would you? Leave him out in the cold, neglect him, starve him, try and drown him in the canal?

If you’re not taking action to nurture yourself and rid yourself of the fears that are standing in your way, you are drowning your dreams in the canal. Give yourself a lifebelt, a hairdryer on low, some kitten food and cuddles.

If you don’t, you believe it’s because you’re not worth it. Harsh and true.

You are the only person who can make it happen so you quit your job, be successful on your own terms and live the life you desire. Take responsibility.

Resources To Help You

I’ve personally read and massively benefitted from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and Beyond Fear by Dorothy Rowe. Thea Jolly’s The Habit Box is a wonderful treat for yourself to create new habits.

Ask me in the comments (or email) for names of coaches who can support you in more depth.

2. Money SECOND

Money. Not the root of all evil although by the fuss people make you’d think we depended on it for survival. Oh wait.

Do you know what you want your J.O.B. free life to look like? Do you know how much money that’s going to cost?

Do you know how to live spending money on only what YOU value and need, not what your job needs (or what you believe your job needs)?

Action Time

1. How much money do you actually spend and on what? Get clear and stop hiding. No judgement.

2. How much money do you need to meet your basic expenses, the needs not the wants. No pretending.

3. Stop the expenses you don’t need, don’t value and are draining money from your life

4. How much money do you need coming in to quit your job and not worry?

5. How much money do you need to live your dream life?

I have free expenses spreadsheets you can download and adapt to help you record your numbers and get started.


Tax is uber important.

Knowing your tax and legal structure options (sole trader, limited company, neither!) and how they can work for you is key to paying no more than your share of tax.

Being clear, focused and confident about what you need to do about tax is a key stone to quitting your job and living the life of your dreams. It tells the world you mean business.

You can’t stop being over-worked to pay an over-mortgaged house, over-priced rent on an overcrowded flat and an overdraft if you’re overwhelmed and under-informed.

Get clear and confident.

Contact me for a no-pressure complimentary chat about how I can help.


Find Your Blocks To Money & Success (free) by the fabulous Linda Anderson who has massively helped me, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas and everything by The Wealth Chef, Ann Wilson (whose Financial Freedom University and live event supported me to finally break through my own blocks).

3. Support THIRD

Support is essential.

It isn’t only you reading this, every single person reading these words needs support, even when we pretend we don’t. Yes, I pretended too, I’ll put my hand up to that.

Who do you need for support?

Get people in your life who:

1. Get what you want to do

2. Who are starting out like you

3. Who are further along their journey but not there yet

4. and people who’ve already arrived where you want to be.

I have all of these in my support network.

 Some of my Support Peeps:

Top row L-R, Cathryn Clarke (blogger), Sam Sparrow (founder at The High Tea Cast I write for), Emma Cossey (freelancer), Natalia Shpek (2014 corporate cage escapee and living the dream)

Top middle row L-R: Amanda Clark (natural health & beauty coach), looking after myself with roses and home made apricot jam, Lea Rice (founder at The High Tea Cast), Jeanette Kruger and Jimmy Chew

Bottom middle row L-R: Kirsty Stuart (freelance writer), Deborah Turner (image consultant for men), Elizabeth Sellers (lifestyle and travel blogger and Blognix founder), being in nature calms me and recharges my batteries

Bottom row L-R: my mum, being at events like blogging conference Blognix surrounds you with people who get what you want to do and living their dream, Jules Mulcahy (coach), Marianne Cantwell (who travels the world with an online business and a showcase for how it IS possible).

Get connected. It’s important to be connected and share with people wherever you are personally in your journey.

Don’t feel bad about being able to mostly need to accept and receive support at the beginning. That’s your job right now. Later, you can give back yourself.

Learning to accept and receive support is one of the most valuable lessons.

It can feel like a tough ride when quitting your job and making money your way is counter current to what other people in your life are doing. Creating a new community supports you as you make the transition.

It doesn’t matter if you want to work full time, part time, flexi time or eventually not work at all! You may even decide that quitting your job isn’t what you want to do. Maybe exploring was all you needed to do or maybe freelancing/a business/blog ‘on the side’ (as you could earn more than your job if you work it right) is the best option.

It’s all good.

Taking the first step is what matters.

Print this post out, put it on your fridge, by your desk, above your bed, use it as a bookmark or your laptop wallpaper.



Free: Making A Living Without An Office or A Boss, The Freelance Lifestyle, BlognixYou Inspire Me, Winning Women, Business Biscotti, Work From Home Wisdom and Kindred HQ.

Courses and coaching that have AWESOME support, worth doing just for that (I’ve taken part in all of these myself): MiniMBA by Marianne of Free Range Humans, Freelance Lifestyle E-Course by successful freelancer Emma and Blogging Bootcamp by Blognix founder & lifestyle/travel blogger Elizabeth.

Everyone has a choice. Are you going to quit your job and make it happen?


Contact me for a no-pressure complimentary chat if you desire to quit your job and want help being confident and informed about your self-employment options.





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