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My Accidental SEO Success – 3rd Place on Google for sole trader invoice template


Sole trader invoice template search result screenshot

In May I added a sole trader invoice template to the One Man Band Accounting website.

I’d had a lot of enquiries from new businesses needing help getting started and I remember what it was like when I became self-employed.

That was in 2007, and I felt completely at sea, there was so much that was new and important, I was scared that I’d drop the ball and miss something, or many things!

I searched back then to find an invoice template that was suitable for what I needed (new business sole trader, no VAT, selling services, nothing fancy).

Fast forward to 2013 and a lot has changed.

 Sole trader invoice template made available

I took the One Man Band Accounting invoice template  and made it available in pdf and docx formats to customise for your own business. It’s suitable for UK sole traders who aren’t VAT registered.

That was that, or so I thought.

Don’t promote!

Beyond a few automated tweets it hasn’t been promoted.

As I write it’s at number 3 or 4 in Google for several search terms and is downloaded almost every day.

There’s a big demand out there it seems!

I’m astonished at going from nowhere to number 3 in Google search results, and it’s at numbers 4 and 5 as I write for related search terms.

I have WordPress.org Studiopress Genesis with Focus child theme and Yoast SEO plugin installed (which I don’t do that much with, it’s just there) so maybe that has something to do with it 🙂

These things really do work!

Have you had any accidental SEO successes?


EDIT – It seems if you want to be cold called and cold emailed by rather too many SEO companies who you don’t know from Adam, mentioning SEO is the way to go. So those people looking at my blog, please don’t call. I have a long list of trusted providers already. If any one man bands ARE looking for a business to look after their SEO, I can recommend a few folks. They don’t do cold calling. They do do an excellent job.

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