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New for 2019


Step Into Your Power Soulmind



New for 2019, the Step Into Your Power Soulmind.


The Step Into Your Power Soulmind is a blend of one to one coaching, group coaching, self care, sisterhood and retreat to connect and nourish your inner woman within a dedicated safe space and within the context of your business.


A place to combine feminine soul energy with masculine action energy, both for you as a woman and for you as a business owner, and integrating the two.


The Step Into Your Power Soulmind is a deep growth programme for 12 months for those women who have felt the call to that place inside them that feels something is missing: a connection with other women. Both as women and as women with a business.


This year is for the deep nourishing and soul work that you and your business is crying out for so you feel connected again, nurtured, nourished and feel healed and able to speak your voice in the world with the support of other women like you behind you, holding you safe.


This year is for you AND your business, as one integrated whole. Because you and your business aren’t separate needing separate support.


You’re you and you need whole support so you can integrate, heal, speak up and step into your power whenever you want to feeling secure and confident.


A blend of action plans, business plans, strategy, visibility, marketing and all the other solid ‘business stuff’ with energy flow planning, inner work, magic wand waving, sisterhood connection, practising speaking up and nourishing self care basics.


Your investment is £12,000 and includes 20+ hours one to one coaching, 20+ hours group coaching, 2 day retreat, priority email support, private group and lots of safety, hand holding and love.


There are 6 places and places are invitation only (read on for how to be invited).


The first step is to ask for your invitation (speaking up) and you can do that by booking a call with me (no pressure, no obligation, no charge) or emailing me if you prefer to write. There’s a payment plan available.


I’m here to hold a space for you.



If you have questions, contact me and we can have a chat about or book into my calendar.


Rosie x