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The Importance Of Shoes When Starting A Business

I’d like to introduce Lizzie Cheeld, virtual PA to creative types (like me), who guest posts for me today about how important shoes are in her newly minted business.

It’s incredible I haven’t yet posted on this subject!

Shoes & Tax Returns

Shoes and tax returns……not natural bed fellows admittedly but as I launch into my new business venture I am beginning to realise how much of a link they have.

“Don’t be ridiculous, working all the hours in the world on your new business has addled your brain!” I hear you cry.

I urge all the doubters to keep reading and all will become clear.

As the well known saying goes:

‘Always buy a good pair of shoes and a good bed,

if you aren’t in one then you’re in the other’


You don’t tend to get compliments about your bed (and if you do then I suspect that person has a different agenda, teehee).

The same is not true about your shoes.

I’ve been known to compliment a stranger in the supermarket if I admire their footwear – normally the ones with of lots of glitter and sparkly bits!

It is a socially acceptable thing to do, a compliment.

Everyone loves a compliment, we like to be admired and we appreciate it when people appreciate the things that we appreciate!


Starting A Business

The bottom line is we need to be in control of our accounts.

So when it comes to tax return time we can get it done quickly, without fear, and reward ourselves once it is outta the way.


[Rosie: About that reward. My hot tip for where to buy top end shoes at reasonable prices is at the end. Cause I loves you]

Rewards are important in business and it should happen in every biz whatever the size.

It’s about recognising your achievements and celebrating what you have created.

So for some freelancers this will be a trip to a spa for you and your best business buddy [Rosie: I’ve had this place recommended).

For me at the end of my first month of trading, it will be a night out to the fancy steak house in town.

For a lot of us, it’s SHOES!!!

  • Special cycling shoes for the clippy pedals on your bike

  • New trainers for when you realise you can’t go out wearing trainers with holes
  • Strappy sandals for your holiday
  • Warm toasty slippers for those glorious days when you don’t get out of your pj’s
  • That OMG I must have them pair of shoes that fell into your eyes as you saw them while cat video viewing at the end of a long day

I am not trying to pretend that doing your tax return is as fun as going shoe shopping, but it’s about linking the two.

If you do one then you can do the other!

Changing the way we think about our accounts will help us take control of it and want to jump in with both feet – pardon the pun.



Shoes As Business Growth Anchors

[Rosie: When you first start out or your business is in growth, it’s easy to feel so out of your depth.

Keeping anchors in your life that you ARE enough, you ARE confident, you ARE going to be ok, that’s how shoes can support you.

It’s not *just* because they are really rather lovely and you want them. There is a solid grounding purpose too.]

I bought these babies in Paris in my days as Stage Manager for the Barbican Theatre.

We were doing a production of Julius Caesar and the opening night party was in the theatre bar which had an amazing floor to ceiling window where the Eiffel Tower could be seen in all its glory.

——> Having spent 7 days in steel toe capped boots, I decided I must go shoe shopping  and I came back with these!


<——- These glorious specimens were snapped up at a car boot sale.

It was a particularly cold miserable Sunday morning and so far I had paid £5.50 for a lukewarm tea and greasy bacon sandwich, lost a haggling war with another punter on a dress and dropped my handbag in a puddle.

All of a sudden these shoes caught my eye at the bottom of a ‘everything must go!’ suitcase.


In my mind they were worn by a glamorous London model in the 1960’s who spent her weekends jetting off  to Milan before eventually retiring with her film director husband in the posh part of Essex.

In reality, they were probably worn once by a housewife to a family wedding and forever after remained in the back of the wardrobe because she just ‘couldn’t find the right occasion for them’.

Shoes Are Your Anchor For Your Business

[Rosie: your business is your ticket to the life you want.

Go find the pair of shoes you already own that are your dream life.


(It’s work, if anyone asks what you’re doing. Tell them I said so.)

Wear those shoes on days when you are struggling not to stay small, when you struggle being visible, when your fear of the unknown (tax return, much?) has got the better of you for the moment.]

Shoes tell Your Business Story

Both of these pairs of shoes, represent two very different times in my life.

As a self employed stage manager running around Paris, I was young, naive about life and directionless.

I just knew that I enjoyed being paid to hand a plates of grapes to an actor backstage and working out the right consistency for fake blood.

 I was also spectacularly bad at doing my accounts and filling in my tax return always involved a panicky call to my parents to borrow some money.

I am less afraid of doing my accounts now and actually enjoy a good spreadsheet.

The red shoes represent a time in my life when I had accepted who I was and what made me happy.

I was ready to celebrate being ‘me’.


The Importance of Shoes & Starting A Business

So what have we learnt?

  1. Shoes are essential in all areas of your life.
  2. When running your own business you MUST celebrate your achievements
  3. Increased confidence about doing your accounts and tax return will help you achieve #2
  4. Always look in unlikely places for emotional anchors to keep you true to yourself

When running your own business, it is important to understand all aspects of it, not just the aspects that you are familiar and comfortable with.

I am a creative virtual assistant, I really enjoy working with clients on improving the admin systems of their businesses so they can get on the creative side.

If I am unaware of how my business is doing financially and don’t invest in support, how can I grow?

As a business owner and a freelancer, we don’t switch off  at 5pm. Our brains are always working, drafting blog posts and having ‘light bulb’ marketing ideas.


Finding the links between our businesses and the things that make us smile (like shoes!) , is why we started doing it in the first place.


Which pair of shoes are your anchor?



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