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Which Business Stationery Is Tax-Deductible?

I LOVE stationery.

One of the best bits of having a business and being a freelancer can be the ability to buy fabulous stunning gorgeous stationery you adore AND IT’S TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

(Tax-deductible means HMRC allow you to take the cost of these items from your business income so you pay less tax. Don’t go crazy and buy Asprey pens for £800 though. That’s just silly until you’re turning over 7 figures).

It’s stationery for actual real proper grown ups.

So for your shopping indulgence, give the gift of stationery you love to your freelancing with no catch.

Budget Planner

Budget planner, unicorn sticky notes, desk planner and unicorn notecards. Paperchase, prices unknown as after ages searching on their website, I couldn’t find them.

 I do like me a good budget planner.

It saves me time, money, sanity, stress and I get to feel just a tiny bit smug when I can afford those stardust glitter flats from The Fashion Galleries because I checked I was still paying out for that magazine subscription I didn’t want any more and cancelled it.

For your budget planner to be tax-deductible, you need to use it for business only.

That means your business budget, cash flow, in’s and out’s, receipts, your investments (that’s your coach, mentor, outsourced help to grow your business, support to vamoose your blocks).

Of course, a penny spent on support ends up as a pound in your bank account.

That’s when you pay yourself more, make better financial decisions AND get to have the shoes and be smart with your money.

So indulge in a bit of shopping.


Unicorn Notecards, Sticky Notes, Desk Planner….

You can buy plain ordinary notecards, sticky notes and desk planner.


Or instead you can buy unicorn, kitten or cake related basic business stationery. I’m particularly thinking of one of my readers who has a unicorn using a typewriter as her freelancing email signature. It made my day.

There are lots of inexpensive options at Paperchase (I love them and they didn’t ask me to say that). Photos above.



Diary, Smythson, £155

One of the stationery items I’ve really indulged in is a diary.

Smythson is my favourite. They’re elegant, practical, wear beautifully with heavy use, light, stylish and nothing says luxurious indulgence like one of these babies.

You need to keep a diary or calendar as a key part of your record keeping for your accounts and tax return so it’s a daily little luxury.

A less expensive alternative is from the magazine, Red. At £30 each, it’s a more affordable option until your profits are into 4 figures.

Basic Bits & Pieces

I am a big believer in having beauty in basics.

Stork scissors, John Lewis, £6

You need to cut stuff.

These stork scissors from John Lewis are sooooo much more interesting than the ratty pair you picked up from the supermarket.

Personalised pencils, The Letter Room, from £12.95


You need them. Brand them with your business name or contact details.

Coloured gel pens, Muji, £1


Make them lively and fun. Keep your basic black and blue, but no need to stop there.

And my piece de resistance….


A Little Something Special


Rotating stamp with ink pad, Kate Spade at Selfridges, £20

This ink pad is perfect for quirky professional personalisation of your business communications.

Add quotes like:

  • Read fine print (for contracts and invoices)
  • Start something new (for proposals and pitches)
  • Set the tone (for social media or branding clients)
  • Spread the word (for PR)
  • Escape the ordinary (to make your mark that you aren’t the same old and HIRE YOU NOW)


The best part about all of these fabulous pieces of stationery?

They must be for your business.

If you buy any for clients, it becomes Entertainment (HMRC speak for client gifts which aren’t tax-deductible).


This is the best reason I have ever heard for investing in yourself and your business and surrounding yourself with gorgeousness.


Next week: Tax-Deductible Laptop Gift Guide

Week after: Tax-Deductible Photography Gift Guide



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