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Why It's OK Not To Panic When Your Tax Return Is Due

Doing your tax return right before deadline?

It needs to be done quickly, and staying calm will help you get the wretched thing done faster. It may feel difficult to be relaxed but it helps get the job done.

Get the music on, promise yourself a reward, put on the kettle or open a bottle of wine.

Get some help to support you.

If all else fails, here’s a picture of a cute kitten nestling in a bag. Awww….

Love the kitty, ready to scream because your return isn’t filed yet, want to make it all better next year?

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You may also want a look at The Self Assessment Tax Return Toolkit (checklists! cake! wine!) at £24.99 and Do Your Own Tax Return Support (email support! phone support! free brownie!) from £179. Do what Kitty does and ‘Create A Bookkeeping System That Works’ to make it easy next year.

C Emma Cossey kitten in a bag

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