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Tax Return Success


✔︎ Learn how to do your own tax return

✔︎ Peace of mind so you know you’ll have it done without panicking

✔︎ No worrying you’re doing it wrong

✔︎ Accountability and support from women like you doing theirs with you



What’s That?

Nice and Easy You Say?



✔︎ Record Keeping

✔︎ Expenses

✔︎ Capital Items

✔︎ How To File

✔︎ A Sense Of Humour

✔︎ Super simple language without complex terms

✔︎ The basics you need to know without the stuff you don’t


What’s It About?


Tax Return Success is an online course to teach you how to do your own sole trader tax return with live support calls and a private group.

It’s a course with the information you need to get the job done and without the information you don’t need (expenses for plumbers anyone? I thought not).

My signature course How To Do Your Own Tax Return is already pretty amazing but you’re still doing it on your ownsome at home on your sofa with your cat sitting on your keyboard.

With Tax Return Success you get to keep the bliss of being on your ownsome at home on your sofa (introvert? yes please) only with a supportive group there to encourage you and keep you accountable and with real live calls.




How Does It Work?


  • How To Do Your Tax Return course with all the info you’ll need
  • 2 group support calls of 60 minutes with recording available
  • Private Facebook group
  • Accountability


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Why A Group?

  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Who wants to do this stuff on your own? 😉


You’ll be in good company with women like you and with lots of time for what you need. You can ask as many questions as you need, or be as quiet as you want to. It’s up to you.

It’s like when you’re learning anything new, or have something you need to do and keep putting off.

It’s much easier and gentler and Gets. It. Done when you feel supported by a group to be there with you.

You can share, you can ask questions, you can be nosy what reward everyone else is treating themselves to when they’re done 😉


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The Details


Starts: Full for 2018-19.

Contact Rosie to find out details about one to one or book a one-off session or find out more.

Call Dates:


All calls are recorded.

Cost: £197

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Your Invitation To Apply


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Questions? Email me or book a chat with me (book here), including if you can’t make the call and are interested in other ways I can help you.



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I can’t wait to welcome you 🙂

To your financial self care,

Rosie x


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