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The Essential Guide To Your Tax Return


January is a time when you need fast help when your self assessment is still on your To Do list.

If it’s summer when you’re reading this (or October or November) and you have time under your belt, rather than overwhelm and panic, soooo much easier.

This is my essential guide to your self assessment tax return for sole trader freelancers doing their own tax return (for more in-depth information, there’s the How To Do Your Tax Return course, one to one coaching and Tick Off Your Tax Return retreats).

If you’re a limited company director, you also need to do a self assessment. Your accountant will likely do it for you, although you can do it yourself too.

If you’re in last minute tax return hell right this minute, remember how this feels so you can take action so it doesn’t happen again.

Don’t forget your reward once you’re done! #soimportant #cake #wine


Doing Your Own Tax Return

Your self assessment tax return is how you file your accounts with HMRC when you’re a sole trader (not sure if you’re a sole trader?).

You don’t put all your records on your tax return but you do need to have those records (statements, spreadsheet/software, receipts etc).

Your self assessment is due by 31 January every year and you can download a free deadline planner right here.

For more depth, learn more about the at-your-own-pace How To Do Your Own Tax Return course and Tick Off Your Tax Return Retreat.

I’m here if you need the individual attention of one to one coaching (learn more).


Doing Your First Tax Return

Doing your first tax return can feel scary as heck.

It’s often the first big unknown we’ve had since a child (apart from having kids!).

No wonder it’s easy to put it off.

It’s a lot easier if you take it step by step, get the help you need and treat it just like the task it is.

Important, yes, but not worth it turning into an energy vampire.


Productivity & Relaxation

Action time 🙂


Tax Return Resources

From free to a no-brainer price, download these resources so you can take action right now.

(And don’t forget your reward #cake #wine)










Do you understand what you need to do with your tax return & expenses? Do you understand what’s tax-deductible?

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If you need one to one support knowing what to do with your tax return, expenses and what’s tax-deductible, learn more about coaching.

If a tax return retreat in a cabin in the woods, only 5 minutes from the London Underground, is more your thing, learn more about the Tick Off Your Tax Return Retreat.

If you need an at-your-own-pace tax return course that’s easy to understand, have a look at How To Do Your Own Tax Return course.

Try my free resources and download the expenses spreadsheet and tax return checklist.



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