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Tax Return Stress Relief


Tax returns can feel overwhelmingly stressful.

Whether it’s your first tax return, you’ve done it before yourself rather uneasily, or you have new income to enter and don’t know what to do with it, it all adds up to Rather A Lot To Avoid Thinking About.

You need tax return relief.

While I can help you make the process a lot easier so you feel confidence and have peace of mind, I unfortunately can’t wave a magic wand and make the legal responsibility disappear.

Allow me to introduce Vintage Amanda

I’ve been reading Amanda’s blog for 2 years and I’ve used a lot of her recipes. Amanda blogs about natural health and beauty (crunchy!).


Disclosure: Amanda gave permission to use her images and re-blog her content

I’m a big fan of using natural sources for health and body care.

I make my own household, skin, body and hair care products and can use the natural care acronyms like the best of them (e.g. ‘I stopped using SLS – ACV and BS didn’t work and I didn’t want to do CO –  so now I go traditional with my hair care’*).

Tax Return Relief Balm

Tax Return Balm is Amanda’s own recipe for a balm that helps you focus, de-stress, and think clearly.

The recipe combines peppermint (calming clarity), basil (tension and stress relief) and eucalyptus (clears brain stuffiness and helps concentration).


It’s easy to make and lasts for a year.


Why not create an annual Tax Return Balm ritual

committing to your intent for a stress-free tax return?


Hop over here for Amanda’s recipe for how to make your balm and the story of how she created it, including step by step photo instructions and printable.


Do you love natural health and body care?

What balms do you use to help you focus and relax?


*Translation: ‘I stopped using products containing sodium lauryl sulphate – the ‘no-poo’ method of washing my hair using apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda didn’t work for me, nor did using SLS free conditioner only. Now I care for my hair using the methods people used before detergents.






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