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Testimonials from happy clients

“I required accounting advice prior to leaving my corporate job to work as an independent consultant when I met Rosie at a networking event. Several weeks later I bought Rosie’s bespoke accounting consultation package.

She turned out to be so much more than a knowledgeable and highly competent accounting consultant.

Rosie gave me a lot of useful tips on how to set up my business and generously shared her contacts when she thought they could be useful for my business. She helped to make my transition from corporate job to self employment a smooth one.

She helped me to set up an easy-to-maintain accounting system and provided a lot of emotional support and practical advice when I was filing my first ever tax return.

Rosie’s guidance gave me the confidence I required to manage my accounting and do my tax return on my own.

Rosie is an absolute pleasure to work with, she is friendly, responds quickly to emails (no matter how many times I contacted her), has a great sense of humour and speaks plain English when it comes to tax and accounting. And she has an exquisite taste when it comes to chocolate.

A must go to consultant for anyone transitioning from corporate to self-employment or setting up their own company!”

Natalia Shpek, helping female entrepreneurs increase their visibility, confidence & get their brand & message ready for the media


“Rosie should alter her job description to “expert therapist and counsellor for the HMRC-phobic”.

Her services went way beyond the tax return, to helping me face up to using their website and forms and actually understanding what the figures in each box meant and where they came from. In the end, it actually didn’t hurt a bit!

I appreciated the patience, good humour and great communication Rosie provided at every stage, and I also really appreciated the chocolate brownie.

If you are stressing like I was about business or personal taxation I sincerely recommend Rosie, to help you straighten everything out.”

Maya Middlemiss, global marketing research


1. You made me believe in myself and you showed me that just talking about my new business is just dreaming, I have to take action.

2. You’re a straight talker and don’t fluff it up. You speak from the heart and care about me.  You make me laugh and have given me my spark back.

3. You make accounts bearable and less frightening. If you are thinking of working with Rosie, just do it you won’t look back.”

Melanie Whittaker, natural skin and body care


“Rosie is patient, knowledgeable, thorough, reassuring and makes a mean vegan choc chip cookie.

If you are self-employed or run a small business she will help make sense of your accounts and her advice will make financial tasks less daunting in future.”

Cila Warncke, freelance journalist & writing coach


“I found Rosie through mutual Twitter contacts which lead to her helping me understand my accounts.

Rosie is personable, knowledgeable and great fun to work with. If you’re an individual or SME looking for an accountant with these skills, then Rosie’s your girl!”

Daniel Honey, digital media agency


“Rosie went above and beyond the call of duty as an adviser when I was filling in my first tax return as a self-employed worker.

She made my taxes less confusing, was with me every step of the way – and even sent me cake!”

Kirsty Stuart, freelance writer & blogger


“Rosie helped me to increase my confidence with my finances and answered dozens of my business questions!

I now feel much more confident in running my business and managing my finances”

Cathryn Clarke, social media consultant & blogger


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