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All The Things To Avoid Doing Your Tax Return

Are you doing All The Things to avoid your tax return right now?

I interviewed Sarah Weiler of Power Of Uke about her oh-so-fabulous ukelele song about all the things she does to avoid hers.

But first, the song to make you giggle and give you motivation 🙂

All The Things To Avoid Doing Your Tax Return

Rosie: What was your inspiration for the song?
Sarah: I saw a friend list all the things she’d done to avoid her tax return and I thought it was a good concept for a song. I made a list of all the ridiculous things I might do to avoid doing accounts – it sort of flowed out in one go and I didn’t change it much. To my surprise it was a reggae song. I’m not very reggae but there is probably a secret Rasta buried deep inside from another life.
Rosie: What’s your favourite part of doing your tax return?
Sarah: Finishing it. And feeling like I’ve won at life.
Rosie: What’s your least favourite part of doing your tax return?
Sarah: Knowing that I have to do it. Seeing it on my to do list for most of the year. Realising how much money I’ve spent on stupid things like 1000s of Pret a Manger coffees that looking at final balance, I CLEARLY cannot afford. [Rosie: if you can relate, join me for the Self Care For Your Biz Finances Retreat – it’s free] Rosie:What’s your advice to everyone doing their tax return right now – or who has it on their much procrastinated to do list?
Sarah: I would break down what to do into smaller to do lists so you can tick off things. ‘Open spreadsheet’, ‘make sub headings’, ‘find receipts’ and then give yourself mini rewards and tea breaks after each bit. I would also, if you can, put aside a whole day so you can do it calmly. I find it doesn’t actually take as long as I think it will, it’s just I have this idea that it’s a momentous task that’s going to eat my alive. I think I’m scared that I won’t have the right paperwork and my business will be shut down – but I’m getting more confident’
You can contact Sarah at her website.

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