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Start Your Year With Top Gun Business Finances

I was chatting with an airline pilot at the bus stop at Heathrow.

He flies 747s around the world with responsibility for the lives of thousands of passengers and millions of pounds of aircraft.

Then, as if what he did for a job was nothing, he said what he did was easy compared to Navy pilots who land on a shit short runway, that moves up and down and side to side at the same time!

Do you discount the skill and expertise in what you do?

Do YOU believe your business fiances are in the danger zone when all they really need is more attention and support?

Believe in yourself and what you can achieve. It’s not destination unknown.


Start Your Year With Top Gun Business Finances

Let’s talk.

Just you and me.

You know and I know that really you’re not doing too badly. You’re not where you want to be – yet – but you’re getting there. It’ll be this year that makes the difference. If not this year, next year.

But there’s your business finances. The accounts. The tax return. The expenses. The admin.

Is it getting in your way?

I can’t breathe sunshine up your ass and tell you your option.

It’s you who needs to make your decision whether you just need to do a bit of tidying, or if your fear and avoidance of your accounts is what you need to invest in this year.


Through The Fire To Business Finance Confidence


Is confidence what you need? Knowing what you need to know.


Is control what you need? Peace of mind you have it covered.


Is calm what you need? Freedom from the chaos.


Take my breath away and be one of the businesses that NAILS IT this year.

Stop playing with the boys, get serious and sort it out. The niggles, the avoidances, the bits that get stuck in your head stressing you out, with help and support you can nix the lot.

(Except Paypal. Those records really do lead you on and are a right bitch).


Work-Free Hot Summer Nights

Work-life balance is part of nailing your biz money.

For me, that means not working during August.

Heaven in your eyes may be relaxed freelancing while working your daytime job.

It may be working 8 hours a week while you look after your children and being able to switch out of work outside those hours.

It could mean being location-independent so you can work where you want to work.


Do you know how you want your life to be so you can structure your business around your dream life?


Strap on your mighty wings, nothing’s gonna stop you now.

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